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Political commentary is controversial. Undoubtedly! But why is this so? Because it discusses power! And in the game of power the stakes are always high.

Political commentary is necessary. It is a forum and venue, where issues, ideas, social demographics, the economy, campaigns, voter intentions, and so on and so forth, are discussed.

And objectivity is impossible in political commentary, especially in the eye of those on the receiving end of the pen. The best the writer can accomplish is writing from all sides of the political divide. Not trampling on a toe or two is impossible in a political opinion column.

Now, apart from the matters of disaster recovery, UK Oversight of the recovery process, and that ‘’potentially seismic’’ political survey, that gave great encouragement to a number of politicians, another development is worth writing on.

Two very distinguished citizens have over the decades been named as potential political nominees, and even national leaders: two Virgin Islands Patriots.

Gerard Farara QC is a quintessential West Indian. He is a cultured, urbane, charismatic man, with a thoroughly seasoned, panoramic, and practical mind. A brilliant and eloquent jurist, Farara is a constitutional and legal expert. He is a man this Writer has always admired and respected: Farara is the archetypal Renaissance Man.

Gerard Farara QC. Photo courtesy

This Old Boy has had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with the Great Man on very rare occasions. He has found him to possess a razor sharp, focused, and methodical mind. Farara is savvy and sophisticated. The Great Lawyer has always had the unique ability to bring the most complex matters to simplicity: a mark of his genius.

Farara is also a tough and fit man. Those preceding qualities are greatly required to strengthen the economic and social narrative of the Virgin Islands, at this critical juncture in the country’s history.  The Virgin Islands needs bright, savvy, and tenacious minds, of the type Farara possesses, to guide the country into the next phase of its history and development, post a national disaster that put the country back ten years.

The second Virgin Islander of note is Colin O’Neal. And like Farara, O’Neal is also a lawyer. O’Neal too is the quintessential West Indian. A tall and handsome man, O’Neal oozes with old world charm. However, O’Neal’s qualities, that have endeared him to the people of the Virgin Islands, are his astuteness in business and industry. It has been stated that the man possesses the Midas touch. Whatever he touches turns to gold. That business acumen is clearly an asset in governance. The economy is front and center in any effort to pull the country out of the abyss it found itself after September 2017.

But, in a two party system, one can only begin to ponder. Which bridge, over which moat, and through which drawbridge, and of which two Political forts, each of these two honorable men will gallop? And then drop to the knee pledging that oath of allegiance, and at that grand table of the political knight?

Or will these men consider running with a third party? That third and vulnerable fortress, out there in the political wilderness! The third party in Virgin Islands politics is a place that is frequently ravaged after a General Election, and left to the wrecking ball. Joining a third force would indeed be perilous, considering the fate of third parties in the Virgin Islands in past years.

Yes! These men will have to choose one of two crosses upon which to be crucified: the Virgin Islands Party Cross. Or the National Democratic Party Cross. The third party cross may be too much to bear.

Politics, post Irma, will require great sacrifice from these two illustrious Virgin Islanders and Patriots, if they decide to throw their hats in the proverbial ring, and take part in the ‘’political street fight’’ that could well take place in 2019, or even before.

To be continued

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