Welcome to CaribDirect Multi-Media Limited, founded and managed by dedicated Caribbean nationals is the most innovative and Caribbean focused company in the United Kingdom. Our remit is to enable the Caribbean business and civic community in the UK ‘Diaspora’ to connect on matters dear to them.

We at CaribDirect.com are one big family and love to involve our readers. We encourage readers to get involved and send in any Caribbean news stories, reports, poems or photographs to share with the world. As we work to be the primary source for all things Caribbean we engage the talent of young Caribbean nationals and friends through CaribDirect Links to provide up to date and relevant news, views and opinions on the ‘happenings’ in Caribbean communities around the globe.

CaribDirect.com – Headline News

We know current news is important to Caribbean nationals around the world and CaribDirect.com is committed to providing comprehensive Caribbean news, views, politics, entertainment and much more on a weekly basis through the soon to be launched Headline News. Produced and narrated by veteran communicator and publisher Delia Dolor we hope to deliver a highly professional, informative and engaging show for the benefit of our global Caribbean viewers.

Our Modus Operandi

Strategic partnerships are very important to us as we reach out to firms, individuals and communities doing great things worthy of mention. We believe there is much to be done in the UK Caribbean community that can be achieved through strategic collaboration.

We are firm in the belief that the time to act is NOW if we are to make a discernible difference in the community. Our partnerships with our stakeholders such as Caribbean High Commissions, Overseas Territory Representatives, British Foundation for the University of the West Indies (BFUWI), and more are critical to keeping you informed, armed with critical information to help you plan and vital health tips to keep you safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to your comments and suggestions to help us be more useful to you and yours.