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Miss Curvaceous 2013 inspires plus size women

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In Pageant News. There’s long been talk about what is considered the optimum or perfect size a woman should carry. In the Caribbean community men have long been generally happy with a woman with ‘flesh on the bone’ a condition known in some quarters as being ‘thick’. While ‘slim thick’ is afforded a woman who is slim but endowed with curves and some flesh in conspicuous places.

The approach in mainstream Britain is far different as the media has generally prescribed a size felt more appealing to the vast English population, that of being slim, slender and largely skinny. With anorexia becoming more and more deplored and outlawed, the media’s obsession with skinny women has been relaxed paving the way for size 12 and even 14 women to appear in television commercials, the former domain of the twig like physique.

Miss Curvaceous 2013

Last Sunday December 24th,  18 young women of varying cultural backgrounds were given a special platform to confidently display to the world their pride of being larger than size 10 and beautiful. Organised and directed by Stremline Empire, Miss Curvaceous 2013, the parade of beautiful young women took place at the Camden Centre in Kings Cross London before a large expectant multi-cultural audience.


Judges (l-r) Rianne Ward, Saffi Karina, Leyah Shank, Beth Willis and Yvette St Amer

Giving credibility to the event were accomplished and respected judges such as Yvette St. Amer –  Organising committee member of Miss World Guyana; Saffi Karina – Successful Plus-Sized Model and CEO of Curve Project London; Rianne Ward – CEO of Evolve Magazine, Co- Founder of British Plus Size Fashion Weekend; Beth Willis – Creative Director at Hughes Models; and Leyah Shanks –Successful Plus-Sized Model and Body Confidence Campaigner.

The contestants were: 1.    Jerri Hoath; 2.    Christinah Chrysanthou; 3.    Diana Sirokai; 4.    Adenike Oso; 5.    Fritha Lambert; 6.    Vincia Prah; 7.    Valerie Utomo; 8.    Ayesha Drummond; 9. Kassandra Kuhn; 10. Catherine Aveyard; 11. Charlene Ndudu; 12. Kemisha Anigiobi; 13. Jade Elliot; 14. Alina Wilson; 15. poppy Towers; 16. shodease Allen; and 17. Romy Tijan; and 18. Elia Johnson.

Miss Curvaceous 2013Miss Curvaceous 2013  Elia Johnson

There was much entertainment and the audience were more than contented as there was a well stocked bar and food stalls along with delectable cakes.

The winner by unanimous selection was Elia Johnson who did a fantastic presentation in response to her question and seemed to have resonated well with the majority of the patrons. Hats off to the organisers and we look forward to Miss Curvaceous 2014.




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