Karrie Williams - Cruise Contributor

Magens Bay Beach in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands is without question the most beautiful beach on the island; and certainly from my perspective, one of the top five beaches in the Caribbean.

On the day that I visited Magens Bay, I had no major expectations; all I know was that my friends were going there and I was invited to go along.

I carried my good book because I was simply going to lounge on the sand while I waited for them to get out of the water and return to our hotel.

Well I guess from my headline and brief description, you already know that things never quite turned out that way. When I arrived, the breathtakingly beautiful scenery that greeted my eyes, combined with the serene atmosphere made me come to the conclusion that if there ever is a paradise complete, then Magens Bay surely must be it!

This beach is B-E-A-T-I-F-U-L!!! Even now I struggle with words to describe its beauty and atmosphere properly. What was initially a two hour outing turned out to be a full day adventure for my friends and I, and we would have spent the night too if that was allowed.

Sadly, we left St. Thomas the following day so I did not get a chance to take one last look at this magnificent haven; but I will be back- real soon!

Here’s some details about my favourite beach that I’d like to share with you:

Voted as one of the top ten beaches in the world by several international travel gurus (including yours truly); this mile long beach is also the largest in the US Virgin Islands.

Standing on one side of Magens beach and looking across to the other side reveals a long stretch of beautiful white sand that you simply can’t resist walking the full length of.

There are some trees growing in the sand to provide shade; nevertheless you should still carry along ample amounts of suntan lotion to protect your skin.

Except for the odd bad weather, there are no waves or currents in this beach; only calm waters perfect for kayaking, swimming, floating or boating.

In fact, there is a water sports facility which offers daily rental of kayaks, paddle boats and beach chairs to visitors. At the time of my visit back in 2011, I was able to rent a beach chair for US$10.

Other facilities include a beachfront restaurant and bar and a gift shop which stock various souvenirs and bikini items. There is also saltwater showers and accessible restrooms. The beach is also manned by a life guard that is on duty from 6am to 6pm daily.

Please note that nudity is not allowed on Magens beach; however, nude bathing is tolerated on Little Magens Bay just a short swim or walk away. It is rumored that Little Magens is a popular hangout spot for Gay men on the island of St. Thomas.

There is an entrance fee of US$5.00 per person for use of Magens Bay Beach.

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