In a population of over six billion people on this earth, there are still lonely, single people everywhere.

Is it that Mr. or Ms Right is so elusive? Or is it that Mr. or Mr. Right is simply a myth, held close by those whom are eternal optimists and idealists.

Well, one thing is for certain, being single has its advantages and disadvantages, however the older you get is where the latter outweighs the former and more so for a woman than it is for a man.

Blame it on social convention, gender inequality or biological facts, a single man; age 35 – 45 is classified as an eligible bachelor.  A real catch for the lucky woman that can pin him down as he is now in the mature mental state and most likely is looking for the same goal of “settling down”.

Now compare that with a woman within the same age group, definitely not the same. She is bombarded with questions of “so how come you not married yet,’ or “How come you are still single?’

The worst case scenario question, if she has no children” so how come you don’t have any children yet” and the other is “oh, so you are a career minded lady, profession first before family.”

Once voted World's Most Handsome Man, 'Denzel Washington'

Yes, it is true that a woman’s biological clock can be an issue especially regarding child bearing years but that it is not necessary to point it out.

Being constantly reminded of that may lead to depression and a relentless pursuit kicked in high gear of finding Mr. Right.

It is certain that if a single woman knows the answer to all these questions, she wouldn’t be the one to be asked in the first place.

It is said that you have to kiss a few frogs to find your Prince but one may easily tire of kissing quite a few frogs. If you are single, complaining about it will not resolve the issue. Get active, and socialize.

Go out and have fun with friends who share the same interests and hobbies or get started on a new one that may interest you.  Forget the myth of bumping into Mr. Right somewhere and your eyes meet and it is love at first sight, that stuff is rare and only frequent in the movies or romance novels.

Don’t live your life vicariously thinking you will meet someone through conventional means and ideals, take a walk off the beaten path. Try dating websites or social networking to meet new people.

It is believed that you should never reignite an old flame as if it never worked the first time then why would it work now. Skip that and call that old flame to see if he is available, it may not work at first but the second time around may be just the right time for everything to fall into place.

It is said that time changes all, so we all live and learn and hopefully also evolve.