I’ve worked in hospitals as a nurse, medical secretary and admin assistant for about 4 years, then years after stopping work there I ended up giving birth to my first 2 children there and spending every day there for 8mths visiting my son who was born prematurely.

My experiences in hospitals have been from so many angles, that I can truly say they are really pretty good at emergencies, but pretty lousy at everything else.

Whilst reading “Crazy Makers” by Carol Simontacchi the other day, I found 2 shocking but nonetheless interesting things

1. Of the 250 children’s hospitals in the USA, 59 of them have fast food restaurants inside, where virtually all patients can access their meals

2. Parents of the patients in these hospitals actually thought that the food served in the fast foods restaurant inside hospitals, was healthier than the foods they serve in their other restaurants, when in fact there was no difference at all

Then while checking out a UK news site I also discovered

“In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) is considering a scheme to pay patients from £200 for losing 2 stone (28lbs) up to £1,800 for losing 10 stone (140lbs) but at the same time, is opening fast food restaurants in their hospitals”

Apart from the odd accident or check up during pregnancy, my experience with hospitals has been thin since I stopped working at them over 7 years ago now,  so this news actually shocked and amazed me at first.

Doesn’t it sound absurd to you that the very place that is meant to ensure your health, is promoting the most unhealthy foods know to man?

In the last few years in the UK, 45 hospital trusts have rented out their space to fast food restaurants including Subway (and don’t think they are a massively healthy choice, they are only mildly better than the others), Starbucks and Burger King

After my shock, reality set back in and I realised that hospitals, just like other institutions that are meant to protect and care for us, are very good at 2 things:

1. Talking out of both sides of their mouth (saying two opposing things at the same time)

2. Finding ways to generate large amounts of money

How can we continue to put our health and that of our children in the hands of people who in one breath recommend everyone eats a diet “Low in salt, red meat and saturated fat – especially if they are having cardiac problems” then put a Burger King in UK’s Cambridge’s Addenbrooke hospital, which specialises in Cardiology! (And even that recommendation is questionable, but that’s for another article)

Whether it’s recommending we undergo unnecessary surgical operations, take harmful toxic medications or rent out parts of their hospital to giant burger bars, our so called health care professionals certainly know how to make money from patching up and never really curing us.

When questioned by The British Heart Foundation and The National Obesity Forum about their decision to put a fast food restaurant in their hospital, NHS Trust for Croydon said: ‘Outlets provide choice for visitors, staff and any patients well enough to leave wards”

Year’s ago, my teacher Dr Malachi K York said in one of his books (he has hundred’s and I really can’t remember which one) that hospitals were places where the staff are hospitable to you, but can’t help cure you, which is an opinion that gains validity every day.

Now, here’s my message to you. Why continue to support the healthcare business (yes, it is very much a business) that is trying to make its money through the illness and disease of you and your children’s.  Every time you get sick, take their medications, visit their hospitals, have a surgery, or buy food from the businesses that rent out their premises, they get paid. But do you ever leave truly better or cured? So who wins.

To even consider promoting junk food, directly or indirectly is a clear sign that your health and longevity are not of paramount importance to them. Because if it were, they would be doing everything they can to protect you from the chemical laden junk that junk food restaurant push.

And before anyone tells me that most fast food restaurants now sell salad, fruit and juice; about 1% of the sales they make come from those foods, which will normally be bought with the other junk, the salad typically comes smothered in dressing, the juice will typically come from concentrate or have been boiled and added to in some way, but I will give you the fruit J

There is another way

It’s time to find a better way, take control of your own health, don’t rely on chemicals, drugs, surgeries and a medical system that is more interested in selling you poisons than sending you home free from disease and free from them

Become naturally you, the best and strongest version of you, using whole foods, natural remedies and a mindset that can achieve anything. You can do it!

Take care and stay healthy

Leah Salmon

The Naturally You Coach


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