Staff Writer - Audrey Linton

I heard a saying recently that you cannot be blessed beyond your mental capacity to receive.

In these tough economic times how do you stay focused, committed and unwavering to your vision when everything around you is saying “it’s never going to happen?”

When I find myself in that state, my source of strength comes from the experience of a major historical character who was labelled a daydreamer by his brothers, in so much that they detested his very presence.  This person was a biblical character called Joseph.

Now if any of you have seen Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Production of Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat, this story may ring some bells.  Even if you do not agree with the philosophy, I’m sure many of you can relate to certain characteristics.

In my view Joseph is like our present day ‘Nelson Mandela’ because of how he came through adversity and became a saviour and inspiration to his family and future generations.

The excellent example about Joseph is that he believed in his vision.  May be not at all times especially when he was betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery.   This was what I call his Zone of Fear. Picture it now, Joseph was  a ruddy, perhaps spoilt teenager when these dreadful experiences began –can you imagine the topsy turvy emotions welling up in him.

Anyway let’s continue with the story. There was something, about Joseph that his slave master Potiphar (presumably a senior officer of the royal guards) admired.  The incredible relationship that developed between manager and subordinate landed Joseph with a top role in Potiphar’s household.   I believe  this was supernaturally planned to launch Joseph into his Zone of Faith  and to  learn some new skills, perhaps get rid of the ‘attitude’ and help develop his character for future greatness.

Have Faith for Life!

Joseph acted with integrity and was committed to his Master. However, it was not just Potiphar that noticed Joseph’s presence, his wife also took a liking to this young Hebrew guy.  Sadly he was wrongly accused of impropriety and once again found himself in that dark place where his faith was severely tested.

He was given a long prison sentence but even behind prison bars there was just something about Joseph that made him stand out from the rest.  His immense wisdom and willingness not to wallow in self pity but pick himself up and put himself back in the race was  his ‘x’ factor and it propelled him into his time of Favour.  The King of Egypt – you know the one they called Pharoah, needed his dreams interpreting – and who better to call than Joseph.  The very thing that he was scorned for – being a dreamer – was the very assignment he was chosen to accomplish.  Not only did he interpret Pharoah’s dream, but he even initiated the selection process  by advising Pharoah of  a job description in which he ticked all the boxes  – ‘select a wise person to implement a large scale change program to ensure economic stability during and after the years of austerity which the impending famine would cause’ – what an elevator speech!

Joseph was chosen for such a position and within one day he was transformed from prisoner to Prime Minister.

Joseph’s Season of Favour had arrived, but what moved him into that season?  The ability to rest in God’s profound, intricate wisdom and timing.

Now let’s bring this upto date and see if there are any lessons we can learn from this resilient character.

May be you have had experiences where you have been in your fear zone – you know that place where you feel paralysed, confused, anxious and lost the determination to go on.

There could be challenges regarding your work situation or even your business.  I know how difficult it is to exercise faith in these times, but faith can still be in your heart even though your mind and circumstances tell you something different.  Faith is like a muscle, unless it is exercised you will never know its capacity.  However, it usually takes adversity and challenge to activate it.

But your season of favour will come which will give you the resources and determination to achieve your purpose. It may come as a flood or even a trickle but it will come.  So position yourself to recognize it, prepare yourself to receive it and be passionate enough to fulfill it.

Selah – think about it!

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