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Guyanese Kwe-Kwe: Part 2

Kwe-kwe in Guyana resulted from the fusion of the marriage practices of several different African...

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Shocking Video of ISIS followers from Trinidad and Tobago

ISLAMIC STATE’S feared terror network has infiltrated idyllic holiday destinations in the...

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Escrava Anastacia the Black saint with blue eyes

#Escrava Anastacia was a popular saint honored in Brazil. She was an enslaved woman of African...

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From Top Mountain: An autobiography

Bishop Dr Joe Aldred Joseph (Joe) Daniel Aldred was born in the rural district of Top Mountain...

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Don’t miss play on spirituality and sexuality

Following a sold-out 2014 National Tour and back by popular demand, Christian actress, playwright...

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The Meaning of Pope Francis

Let me admit from the outset that as a baby I was baptized a Roman Catholic and for many years in my early childhood I was a faithful acolyte to priests as they said mass every day.   I stopped regular attendance at mass when a...

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Black Saint used to convert slaves to Catholicism

Historical commentary. The pious figure of a black person is often presented as a subsidiary...

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