“Summertime and the living is easy…” George Gershwin in his theme song for Porgy and Bess makes us relive and believe the sentiments expressed in those words.

After the ugly winter we have suffered what could be more fitting than opening the Summertime Gala Concert with this beautiful uplifting piece of music, sung by Abigail Kelly soprano.

Abigail Kelly - Soprano

Abigail Kelly – Soprano


What could be more thrilling than being treated to the magical notes of Jamaican Rhumba played by Adam Gibbs on viola, along with a diverse range of traditional classical music arrangements?

Abigail Kelly and Adam Gibbs are two young black British classical musicians who promise to thrill and excite with their performance while being accompanied by Jo Ramadan on piano.

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The Summertime Gala Concert being held at the prestigious St John’s Square in London on 29 June 2013 at 7:30 pm could be classed as one of the great events in 2013 for the African Caribbean community.

Described perfectly by Nina Simone these two ‘Young gifted and black’ classical musicians will be holding centre stage in a not to miss performance.

Diabetes is a medical condition that within the last few years has grown so much it is now considered a global and national medical epidemic. The Summertime Concert Gala is a fundraiser for DiabeticDiva’s community project ‘Let’s Cook for Diabetes and its charity partner Diabetes UK.


Fundraising events like this are necessary as they highlight the work being done within the diabetic community even as they seek to heighten awareness and educate about diabetes, its risks and complications.

As a medical condition that relies mainly on patient self management, diabetes is life changing. It involves adapting a new and improved lifestyle which could include developing better dietary habits, fitting in regular exercise and ongoing doctors and hospital visits.  Added to this is the worry and fear of possible diabetes complications if the diabetes is not well controlled.

One may well ask so what does all this have to do with music? Simply put, music for many is magical, powerful, soothing, comforting, energizing and healing. Ongoing research and clinical studies about the healing power of music show that music can and does improve breathing, blood pressure, heart rate and reduces stress and anxiety.



Of course, the genre of music often depends on the age of the person but the true music lover can relate to any type of music.  The concept of music as medicine has been around since the beginning of time and has been used as an alternative method for mental and physical healing along with traditional medicine.

It was with this thought in mind that promoter of the Summertime Gala Concert Susan Haynes-Elcock decided to host an evening of classical music as her organisation’s annual diabetes fundraiser.


As a person living with diabetes she knows firsthand that at times having diabetes can be frustrating and stressful. Music for her is an antidote.  Summer brings passion, joy, celebration, laughter and lots of good emotions.

Classical music can uplift, calm and sooth. Her thought was to blend all three with the three performers to delight patrons with a magical moment away from the stresses and strains of modern life.

Abigail is no stranger to the big stage as she performs both nationally and internationally. Jo who is accompanist also is familiar with the big stage. Adam is now getting his ‘feet wet in the big stage of the classical music arena’.  They all deserve our support as they serve as positive role models for our communities.


Diabetes can only be diminished, prevented and ‘reversed’ with community led projects partnering alongside the bigger charities.  Come join us on Saturday 29 June at St John’s Smith Square.  Let’s’ ‘big up’ our Young, Gifted and Black in a resounding show of support in a very tough classical arena  where some still only see the colour of a performer’s skin and refuse to hear the healing magic of the voice.

Help us slow diabetes in its tracks – the Black African Caribbean community is described as high risk for being diagnosed with diabetes. When we raise funds it’s for you, your friends, your families and all of us that diabetes has reached out and grasped in its tentacles.

For more information about the concert and buying your tickets go to the St John’s Smith Square website at www.sjss.org.uk. Why not visit www.diabetic-diva.com  as well. Tickets are priced at £20/£15/£10.