The master: Actor Samuel L Jackson

Last time we looked at how many of us Caribbean men view the importance of SUBMISSION. How it helps a man’s self esteem when a woman is docile, calm and easygoing. And that being tough and intimidating could be the greatest turn off for a loving man.

Now reassurance. What is reassurance? Well it’s a big word for letting your man know he’s the one…he does it for you…he’s your boo and there’s no one other than him you’re interested in. Not very difficult a task for most women but I get reports that some women rather not be verbal about their confirmation of love to their man believing ‘he must already know’, or ‘if I say that to him he’s going to think little of me’, or even ‘ I don’t want his head to get bigger than it is’.

The thing is we Caribbean men know how dangerous it is to make those assumptions about our women especially how competitive it is these days with Caribbean men being hard pressed to either find or keep work. Further, the fact that Caribbean men are generally branded as being uncontrollably flirtatious, promiscuous and untrustworthy places us in a very vulnerable position with our women so we must constantly show our affection and remind our loved ones of their importance to us.

In these times when many Caribbean men are being laid off, made redundant or simply can’t find work women need to show love and constant support. They need to work on keeping the man’s confidence levels high so he can carry on looking for work, studying or setting up his own business. Reassurance will remove feelings of incompetence, depression, lack of self worth and self loathing. You’d be surprised what a woman’s expressed love can do to a man’s will power and libido.

Yes a happy man is a confident man in bed. So if you’re a woman who likes it hot and busy in the bedroom with the one you love, then yes keeping him motivated, confident and in high spirits will go a long way in taking you to ecstasy when you really need it. So don’t be mistaken for a minute and think there is no direct relationship between how you reassure your man of his place in your life and his performance in bed…he’s a human being and not a machine. Trust me I know what I’m saying ‘cause is I Vibot Seh So! Stay tune for next week’s chat on SUPPORT.