Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

The year 2011 ended on a high and the elections were jus brawta.  A review of the year 2011 is not a review without the mention of the Mannatt Inquiry.  After the hiring the United States law firm, Mannatt, Phelps and Phillips, Jamaicans were angry and had a lot of questions they need answered by the Bruce Golding lead administration, two of which were, who hired Mannatt and who paid them.  This public uproar led to the former Prime Minister, ordering an Inquiry into the matter.  Of course, the sessions were broadcasted on radio and television and via the internet.  For the duration of the Inquiry, Jamaicans were not short of drama, so Days of our Lives had to give way to Days of our Lies.  Was the commission, necessary?  The debate is still on about that but one thing is for sure, it sure was entertaining.

On the Dancehall scene, Vybz Kartel made headlines after headlines.  When it was not X-rated pictures of himself, it was the hue of his skin.  One drama which followed him throughout the year though was his murder charges.  Kartel is currently being tried for two murders, one of which the police claim to have strong evidence linking the deejay to.  As a result, multiple bail requests made on behalf of him were turned down.  Countless times we have heard Kartel saying that everything he does, is done concisely and precisely and intentionally to spark controversy.  He basks in the controversy and he loves it.  However, this is one controversy, I am sure he is not loving so much.

Beenie Man and Bounty Killa. Photo credits World A Reggae

Also making headlines last year was the divorce of Beenie Man and wife Michelle D’Angel Downer.  Who first served papers to whom, we don’t know, as both parties are claiming to be the first the have served papers.  D’Angel claimed Beenie was only a loving husband in public but behind closed doors it was a different situation. Beenie claimed he was deeply hurt by the first lady, and to rub salt into wound, D’Angel was spotted at a party hosted by Beenie’s rival and her ex, Bounty Killer and they were looking pretty cozy.  To make matters worse, the comedic duo, made a skit about the couple’s marriage problems, which Beenie Mann took offense to.

The year 2011 cannot be rounded off without mentioning the successes of Popcaan.  His big summer hit, Ravin, surpassed that of his mentor Vybz Kartel.  He made follow up tunes which also did and are doing extremely well.  These songs have taken him on tour in the Caribbean and people have been saying that he is taking over from his boss.  We are looking forward to big things from Papi in 2012.