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Trini Carnival: Fast before fete

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Abbenash Rajnarinesingh

Trini Carnival blogger Abbenash Rajnarinesingh.

Lent is a period of fasting. It mirrored the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness. Christians fasted from rich foods, meat, and dairy for this period. In addition, no parties or grand events could happen during the period of lent.

As a result about three weeks before lent a great community event was held where all rich foods were eaten and not wasted before the lent period. This is said to be the origin of Carnival.

Carnival is a Latin word, “Carne” meaning meat and “Val” meaning “good bye”. In the world today there are many types of carnival in countries such as Brazil, England, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Canada, India, Columbia, Germany, Switzerland, Jamaica, Belgium and of course Trinidad and Tobago. Please note that these are just the top countries where carnival is considered to be great.

The carnivals in these countries are held to say good bye to winter and to welcome spring, to display an art form and to continue a cultural heritage. When examining these carnivals one can see parallels in each form or display.

We know the reasons are the same, but what of the activities. Well, I have done my research, and it is basically the same, the portrayal of costumes the grand show of workmanship, the colors and the excitement.

Trini Carnival

Carnival die hards! Photo courtesy saucytrini.blogspot.com

Now I said it is basically the same, but to me, and I might be biased because I am from Trinidad and Tobago, that T&T’s carnival is the best in the world. Not because of its historical background or the lovely colors and costumes, but because of the people. We are creative, we know how to take a simple thing and turn it into something special.

A simple time with friends on the “Avenue”, liming at “Zanziba”, liming at “Zen” or “Cocoa Lounge” or even taking a stroll at the local pub is considered to be a beautiful ritual in our country.

Almost half the year is over and by September, one can hear the new Soca songs for carnival 2014 and parties will be “Pumpin”. I cannot wait, for the Greatest Show on EARTH.



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