Abbenash Rajnarinesingh.

Trini Carnival blogger Abbenash Rajnarinesingh.

In Trinidad news, March 3rd and 4th, 2014, are dates very much anticipated in the twin island republic.

I am in awe as to how outsiders see our island and our carnival. I know they experience carnival in Canada, Miami and England, however, I wonder if they have ever experienced one such as in Trinidad. I highly doubt it.

Everything is a party, everything is a “PARTY”, whether it’s Jehue Gordon winning a gold medal at the Germany World Games, or the “Red Steel” performance at the recently concluded Caribbean Premier League, celebrating our 51st year of independence or Jack Warner Campaigning for the Local Elections; everything, everywhere and every day we party.

Please note, that we are a productive people, it is just we are a positive people as well, that celebrate in victory and in defeat.

Trinidad Carnival 2013

Trinidad Carnival 2013. Photo courtesy

As the bands roll out , the wires start to bend, the glue begins to harden, costumes take shape, the competition gets started, the people make their decision, the visionaries see the future of the event and the world casts their eyes on us, we await the dawn of carnival 2014.

As I await the dawn of a colorful celebration, full of vibrant displays and people, I am beside myself with joy and excitement. I see the men and women of this beautiful island jogging and “gyming”, getting ready to “put down a hard wine” during Carnival. I see people, old and young planning for the season to give themselves the best chance of making a great impression.