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Staff writer – Kerran Monroe

In Jamaica News, the Queen Lady Saw Banishes Lion:  Genuine Concerns or Bad Mind? Dancehall queen, Lady Saw has been the centre of controversy for some time now.

Quite a few people have come under her line of fire recently on Twitter and even in mainstream media.

Her latest target is former gangster rapper, now turned Lion and a champion for Reggae music, Snoop Dogg turned Lion.

Snoop has been getting flak and even ridicule from all angles regarding his recent switch from Hip Hop to Reggae and his transformation to the Rastafarian faith; and recently at Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records, the Heels on diva has added her voice to the crowd of displeased Reggae acts and supporters re Snoop’s recent Reggae and Rastafarian transformations.

Lady Saw

Lady Saw speaks out against Snoop Lion. Photo courtesy

During her recent Tracks and Records’ Behind the Screens performance, Lady Saw is reportedly quoted as saying, ‘Snoop, mi like yo as a rapper, but low Dancehall ting, low Reggae ting.  Mi no like yo as no Snoop Lion.”

As an onlooker, I myself questioned the motives of Snoop when he first announced his musical and religious transformations to those indigenous to Jamaica.

However, given how Jamaicans love ‘farin tings’, I am somewhat surprised at all the backlash Snoop is getting from his Jamaican counterparts.  Is this just a classic case of ‘bad mind’, considering that Snoop’s debut Reggae album, Reincarnation has topped the Reggae Billboard charts?

This new comer to the genre just comes in and takes the attention from the people who created the music, and worse, is now leading the pack in terms of album sales.

Snoop Lion formerly Snoop Dogg

Snoop Lion formerly Snoop Dogg. Photo courtesy

Is this really out of concern for the well being of Reggae music?  I ask these questions because I can think of a certain German Reggae artiste known as Gentleman; who is also doing well but was well received by Jamaica, and I cannot remember any criticisms coming his way, questioning his motives for wanting to do Reggae music or whether or not he was true to Reggae music.

Is this because Snoop is an American and Americans are known for pulling stunts such as this one in the name of publicity?

Whatever Snoop’s motives are, some people are not happy about it and Lady Saw has joined the line.