Community news. Harmony House are pleased to announce a hilarious new play called The Real Housewives of Brixton, coming to theatres across London in February and March, 2014.

Six housewives live in ‘Upmarket Brixton’, atop a meat shop in a luxurious rooftop apartment.

OK they are not housewives, more like housemates, but they act like wives – all competing to be the most successful, unique and fabulous individuals, that they think they are.

Ohso, Rhiyonce, Magibola, Lucy and Bluebelle and one man, yes, one man Jaaz (who is as much a housewife as any) create drama after drama with their back-stabbing gossip mongering  and two faced attitude, they fight for ultimate supremacy.

RealHouseWivesofBrixton-flyer_shiloh reduced

Writer, Lavern Archer says the play’s name was inspired by the popular TV ‘Real Housewives…’ franchise.
“Though I have seen only one episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta…..and managed to miss all the other versions, I could not miss the excitement and popularity surrounding them all,” she explained.

“As a joke I mentioned to my friends that I would write a play based on the series. They all thought it would be a laugh and encouraged me to do it.”

Laughs are pretty much guaranteed with Archer’s new energetic play with an eclectic mix of explosive characters and hilarious comedy.

From the team who brought you My Big Fat Jamaican Funeral (2012) and Me, My Wife & Her Next Door (2011), comes The Real Housewives of Brixton, starring Lavern Archer, Wayne Rollins, Olive Miller, Charles Tomlin and Lovena Brown.

Listings information:

Catford 22nd & 23rd Feb

Time: 8pm

Tickets: From £22.50

Info: 0208 690 0002

Kentish Town 16th March

Time: 7pm

Tickets: From £22.50

0844 847 2405

Info: 020 8904 5230