In the Caribbean we love soup. As a child I wished for Saturday just to have my soup with lots of dumplings. When I lived with my grandmother for a short while, she used to fill the pot with firm ones, along with lentils. I can still take in it’s aroma. And my aunt used to make hers with pumpkin and tania and all different types of beans and peas. Those were the days! You still get wonderful soups in the Caribbean, and in the UK if you choose your soup maker carefully.

However, I’m not dismissing the wonderful soups we can get at restaurants around the world. When I’m in the USA I can’t resist the wholesome soul food soups at Whole Foods, Jambalaya Soup, Sweet Potato & Kale Soup.

What I love most about soups is that they taste great and digest quickly so I don’t feel bloated. They’re a great quick lunch or late dinner comfort meal.