job interview

Everyone has the occasional bad job interview. You show up late, you wear the wrong thing and you can’t seem to put a sentence together. It happens to the best of us. But every once in a while there are job interviews so strange that they can only be considered once in a lifetime events. We’ve compiled some real life crazy job interview stories from job seekers just like you! They’re good, they’re bad, and they’re downright ugly. But one thing is for sure – they’re gonna make you laugh.

I was being interviewed for a good position as an EMT out in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. Keep in mind, I’m a city guy. I drove up to this big pole building of an ambulance service, parked my tiny car amongst all the trucks and walked inside. As I was walking inside I noticed the place to be very professional, like a mock up of what an office in NYC would look like. So I proceeded to a conference room to wait.

After a few minutes of waiting this very sharply dressed man walks in, he was wearing a suit and tie that smelled like money. He had perfect hair, perfect teeth, and a very calm demeanor. So I stood to greet the man and he reaches over to me and pulls me in for a hug! I was as confused as to whether I should really hug him, but like I said it was a great position. I heard something in my ear that really confused me. He was smelling me. 100% this guy was smelling me. I just kinda let it happen. I had no idea what was going on but I just thought “benefits, great salary”. After the wonderful embrace he walks to the opposite side of the table and starts asking all the usual questions. It was like he turned off the love to go back to the professional attitude. So confusing.

Nearing the end of the interview he asks me some personal questions, my interests, family, easy stuff. I mentioned getting into EMS because both of my brothers are drug addicts and I wanted to be able to take care of them. He grabbed my hand from across the table and held it. I was like…”Are you kidding me?” He just had this look on his face like “tell me everything” I considered crying to get the job but I figured that would be way to over the top. As the interview had ended I stood up to exit the room first and he just gives me a quick shoulder hug and says “Thanks for coming, I think you’ll fit in just fine here” Turns out the guy is married now but is also a recent divorcee and since that he has been a very “share your emotions” kinda guy.

I did get the job but I eventually left it, I had family obligations. It by far was the weirdest interview ever. I tell everyone about it. – Greyson V. 


I once went on job interview where upon arrival I parked my car, got out, locked the door and immediately locked my thumb in the door. My keys were already in my purse. I yelled for help but no one came. People just looked at me and kept walking. I finally managed to twist and turn and get my keys out of my purse. I went ahead and went into the interview for a receptionist position. During the interview the interviewer asked me to take a typing test. I explained that I couldn’t take the test because of my thumb. I offered to come back the next day to take the typing test.

The interviewer got me a cup of ice water and I soaked my thumb while we continued the interview. The next day I got a call from the company. I was hired without a typing test. They said anyone who could stay as calm and collected as I was with a thumb swollen and bruised was someone they certainly wanted to run their front office. I was with the company for three years and left as Office Manager. – Bobbie M.