BATTERED the film which is to be the game changer in the UK Nollywood cinema world is on its way to a cinema near you soon. Starring one of Africa’s leading actresses Fatima Jabbe, winner of Best Actress 2011 at the BEFFTA Awards and best supporting actress at the ZAFAA Awards 2011 for her role as Queen Fina on the world acclaimed movie the Mirror Boy.


She is the script writer and executive producer of this wonderful and very emotional film that will showcase her talent. She played the role of the lead actress Ann who was abused by the person that is meant to protect her.


Violence against women is an obstacle to the achievement of equality, development and peace. Ann became a victim of crucial social mechanisms by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared with men.

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She shot her fiancé Derek played by the legendary versatile actor Lanre Balungo who doubled as the co-director.


Also at hand to push this film to another level is the super slick Nigerian and Montpellier Ace Football star John Utaka who debut on his first Africa film supporting his long time friend Miss Jabbe. After filming his scenes he expresses his delight to be part of the project and promised to support his friend anytime.

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Other stars include the beautiful and sexy Yvonne Hays, Theodora Ibekwe called PR Guru and producer, Collin Archer Pearce, the talented Mr smooth, Atto Erick Mr hot, hot, hot, Marie Gomez baby face, sexy Olivia, slick Otto, the beautiful Nana Churcher of the Nana Churcher Show, Khadija, DJ Ozzy, Jay One actor and promoter extraordinaire, Ika, Tim Uche and Madam Happiness. Make up was done by the super talented Libeks.

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The visionary lens specialist and cinematographer was the one and only Nelson Spyk who knows how to make everything beautiful around him and this film is co-directed by the young and dynamic ALABA.

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This film promises to make you cry, laugh and smile. Watch out for BATTERED a movie that will keep you glued to the screen. Let the pictures tell the story enjoy.

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