On Wednesday 17th October 2012, the world famous Empire Cinema in Leicester Square will witness a unique collaboration of a Nigerian/British production with the world premiere of the much anticipated movie ‘AMINA’, a psychological human drama featuring Nollywood megastars OMOTOLA JALADEEKEINDE and VAN VICKER alongside top British movie stars WIL JOHNSON, VINCENT REGAN and ALISON CARROLL aka Lara Croft.

AMINA is an emotionally charged story about love, loss and redemption.
It follows the life of a gifted young woman (Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde) whose life turns into disarray after an unplanned pregnancy.

Lost in shock and grief, Amina gets-by as a single mother but that is the birth but not the most of her challenges.
Her mind eventually becomes unstable and she ends up in a mental institution.
Is she crazy or there are subconscious issues she does not want to address?

Only one man, her doctor (Wil Johnson) can help Amina but he must convince his boss (Vincent Regan) that his unorthodox approach will work.  The only problem is he must overcome his own demons before he can help Amina confront her tormented past and guide her to a future of hope and fame.

This exciting and imaginative piece of work attempts to explore the natural human attempts to explore the natural human tendency to avoid painful memories.

The film was shot in locations across London and is packed with established cast among who are Vincent Regan (Troy, 300, The Clash of the Titans), Alison Carroll (Lara Croft model) and Van Vicker. For more details on AMINA click here