Repatriation is a Must- Ras Fawzi

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Ras Fawzi was born in the Holy Hills of Mount Zion, the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Kumasi; to a Mauritanian Father and a Ghanaian Mother.

He starts his story by remembering his early Rastafari call and his Islamic parents who ceased from financing all provisions to continue after his Junior Secondary Schooling.

At this point, survival became the only way forward in the direction of a life chosen by himself due to circumstances beyond his control. This freedom of exploring life and learning himself was as essential for it gave him room to really reflect and connect to the Creator Rastafari.

Ras Fawzi in the moment

It was in 1993, when his singer, songwriter lifestyle emerged, inspired by uninterrupted influx of divine instructions and teachings for all humanity. In a visionary conception of seeing all nations living together in oneness, respect, love, acceptance and genuine tolerance as to ones beliefs, race or creed, while verbally sharing through his music, the importance of all black men and women coming back to Zion to rediscover their roots and where they truly belong.

It is his belief that if people come back armed with their respective knowledge they can help Africa align themselves with the rest of the world in terms of growth and togetherness. It is Time for the Restoration of that Most Great and Powerful Ancient African Civilization long before slavery. Repatriation is a must say’s Ras Fawzi.

Wailers of Africa

While living in Dansoman with his Mum, 3 brothers and 3 sisters in the mid-90’s he had his first band called “Wailers Of Africa”. While performing at all reggae music venues, they were voted third in the “Reggae Band 2005” in a contest organized by the Ethiopia World Federation Local 24 Accra-Ghana on the 75th Anniversary Coronation of His Imperial Majesty.

Unfortunately, due to lack of regular rehearsals the band eventually split up for a period of time. However, they have reunited and together ready to go on their Godly musical mission.


Stubbornly determined to accomplish his mission he relocated from Dansoman to Osu in pursuit of realizing his dream. Ezekiel, Eddy, Angel, Paul, John and Ras Fawzi formed a new band called “Feeling Brothers”.

In 2005, while playing every weekends in Osu, they were invited to participate

Billie Richardson (Manager)

both at the PANAFest in Cape Coast and Fete De La Musique in Togo. This band also split up following mismanagement, lack of harmony and transparency within the band. As a soul rebel for Jah Mission, Ras Fawzi knew that he still had to keep his head up high and carry on.

As he continued on his musical quest Jah intervened by sending a Human Angel to help him continue his journey. Her name is Billie Richardson. Ms. Richardson’s late Mother, Nicole Sommesous (May her soul move on and have a place prepared for her peaceful rest in Jah’s Kingdom), gave him financial support and spiritual guidance during and after the recording of his first album “Rasta Revolution Repatriation is a Must”.

He dedicated his song “Rebel Woman” in loving memory of Nicole .Billie assisted in arranging and producing all the songs on the album.

The Feeling Brothers

Now under Billie Richardson’s management and tutelage she has brought further beauty to his body of work by adding more dynamics hence enriching and enhancing the quality of sound, melody, groove and harmony. Ras Fawzi has made appearances in “The Guitars In The Park Music Festival 2009”, performed at the “Bless The Mic Music Festival at the Alliance Française”, “Night  Beach Reggae Shows, and recently took part in a Nation Peace Concert in Takoradi (the western part of Ghana).

Ras Fawzi

There are three things very near to Ras Fawzi’s heart music (preaching the word of rastafari) repatriation (organizing the people while assuring them that there will be accommodations for them coming home) and farming (which is the development of Zion).

Deep within, I have a great dream for humanity. My source of deep satisfaction lies with performing task that will benefit others; such as mentioned in my song: African Youthman.

As my visions and dreams for my homeland became a way of life I began to search for a good sense of rhythm and harmony to begin looking for an outlet to express and expose my views and ideas to the world. Since music is the only universal language that the young and old understand, it is there that I allow my musical passion and gift of song to become one.

Ras Fawzi

However, with passage of time Ras Fawzi drew much inspiration from the early Wailers that is, Bob, Bunny and Peter; also from Wailing Souls, Israel Vibration, Aswad, Steel Pulse, Culture, Burning Spear,  Alpha Blondy,  and also some African Indigenous Artists like, Fela, Salifu Keta, Youssou N’Dour and the like……I’m more into Pure Root and African Traditional music lifestyle.

I have a passion for all music genres under Jah sun; as long as it is good, nourishing, carries a pleasant sound for the upliftment and elevation of mankind’s inner being and soul; that is high above earthly and material satisfaction; and into a more Heavenly and Spiritual guidance into Eternity.

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