Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

Staff Writer – Kerran Monroe


In community news. It seems Lady Saw is not yet ready to hand over her life to the lord as she indicated earlier this year.

It seems she is not yet ready to take off her heels and pick up her bible and head to church.  If fact it seems she is ready to take on the dancehall with full force.

Using her Twitter account, Saw has indicated that she is not yet ready to leave the Dancehall.

She has in fact clearly stated that she is ready for war.  It is the season for war after all.  Lady Saw, who has been in a feud with Mack Diamond has indicated on twitter that she is ready to “war” Macka Diamond at Sting 2013 tonight.  (This is one clash I would pay to see).

With tweets like  “Let me make this clear, @MackaDiamond12 TEK 2 much man!!! Make sure Yuh deh a sting fi mi buss off Yuh head Inna DI morning..”, Saw is leaving nothing to interpretation; She is clear that she is in a war mood and Macka Diamond is the target.

Lady Saw. Photo courtesy

Lady Saw. Photo courtesy

Macka Diamond has since responded with one of those, “Mi no fraid a no gyal” responses, tweeting, “Mek we jus war and dun me ready caa dem affi dead now a swear

Lady Saw, however is just not letting up, tweet after tweet, she is letting Macka Diamond have it.  Apparently, the clash prize at Sting this year is $30,000 USD.

That explains why Saw has been at it like a bunny rabbit making babies.  That also explains holding off church for a little bit.

I mean, I think 3 million JMD is enough to cause Christians to backslide; not to mention those who were only thinking about baptizing.  For those, of course 3 million is enough to get them to change their minds about baptizing or at least putting the idea on hold until after tomorrow morning.