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IMAX Cinema Technology hits the Caribbean

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Staff writer - Keisha Gaspard

It seems that the little twin island of Trinidad and Tobago is certainly big on entertainment, the latest entertainment novelty to hit the island and by extension the Caribbean on August 26th 2011, is Digicel’s IMax movie theatre. The theatre can be found at the prestigious One Woodbrook Place in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad’s capital (http://www.imax.com/countries/TT/). What is IMax technology? What separates this theatre from all others? According to Wikipedia, IMax is a motion picture film format and a set of proprietary cinema projection standards created by the Canadian company IMAX Corporation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMAX). IMax has the capacity to record and display images of far greater size and resolution than conventional film systems. IMAX 3D technology is acknowledged to be the best 3D in the world, thus it presents an opportunity for Trinidadians to view 3D films like never before! More so the theatre has seating arrangements that ensures every viewer a full view of the screen i.e. no more “nose bleed” sections! Tickets have an assigned seat numbers, and the customer service is quite complementary in that staff assists you in finding your seat equipped with a flash light for your convenience.

Digicel IMAX Partners

IMax was brought to the Caribbean by Giant Screen Entertainment, the expense of setting up an IMax theatre is no secret or surprise based on the innovative technologies used. This fact did not deter Digicel from sponsoring the IMax movie theatre that is purposed to change the way Trinidadians view movies according to Giant Screen Entertainment’s CEO and co-founder – Ingrid Jahra. Ms. Jahra also commented that IMax cost was subsidized by corporate sponsors such as Atlantic, First Citizens, Carib, and ANSA Automotive that it may be affordable to all. I personally would prefer these corporations subsidizing the cost of food for the same affordability; however I did enjoy my IMax 3D movie that indeed was superior to all other movie theatre experiences I have encountered in the past.

            Trinidad and Tobago recently attained developed country status, if the measurement was based on our first-class entertainment availability on the island this would indeed be no surprise; unfortunately our technological innovation is little to none – how many corporate sponsors are contributing financially for the Caribbean’s research and development? I firmly believe the Caribbean can export globally renowned technologies comparable to IMAX’s with the right incentives and financial assistance. That said, Digicel IMax seeks to be more than just an entertainment hub, it also aims to accommodate and host charitable events and to be a common place for school field trips, already a 6th form of a secondary school have made their way to One Woodbrook Place on a field trip. Digicel IMax also has educational and classical films lined up for school children to enjoy. The theatre is also a wonderful place to go with friends, family or simply for a relaxed evening, not only is the theatre comfortable and the movie experience incomparable, the lobby is filled with fun and games for all to enjoy.

The cost of one movie may be higher compared to a few other theatres on the island ($75TT), the selection of movies may be very limited but the experience far outweighs the details listed. Indeed, Giant Screen Entertainment provided Trinidadians with an opportunity of first-class movie viewing right here at home. Who is going to Digicel IMax tonight?

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