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Hilarious Blaggers raise the roof again at Broadway Theatre

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The renowned Broadway Theatre, Catford came to life last Sunday 7th October when stars of all types donned the venue to witness yet another installment of the ever popular Blaggers.

Games master actor Robbie Gee

Presided over by game show, Games master Robbie Gee, assisted by his ‘slow’ score mistress Dominique Moore with music from Rickardo Reid, the show got off to a hilarious start.

Yellow Team. L-R Ricky Norwood ‘Fat Boy’ from Eastenders, Blagger’s King Ade Ikoli and EastEnders Tameka Empson

Team players included Holby City’s Jimmy Akingbola and Chizzy Akudolu and Ben Bishop from Whitechapel made up the GREEN team while EastEnders Tameka Empson, Ricky Norwood and Blagger’s King Ade Ikoli comprised the YELLOW team, battled it out to the very end of the evening armed only with their wit.

Green Team. L – R actor Ben Bishop from Whitechapel and Holby City’s Chizzy Akudolu and Jimmy Akingbola

It was a night with a belly full of laughter as both teams did there best to out perform the other with lyrics, antics and facial expressions that had the audience in stitches.

The brilliant Score mistress Horrible History’s Dominique Moore

Games master Robbie Gee set the tone and wasted no time in laying down the law. His smooth operation made for an evening of tasteful and hilarious entertainment much of which had total strangers reaching out to their neighbours in a desperate attempt to share a joke or seek support for a controversial decision when Robbie would award marks which appeared unfair or too generous.

The teams line up taking instructions for the first game

Score mistress Dominique Moore was excellent in her rendition of a ‘slow’ assistant challenged with simple arithmetic. her reports from the Tweeting audience provided much humour that seemed equally as funny as the main act, the competition.

Jimmy and Ade battle it out

In spite of very convincing performances by both teams the Green team had to cede victory to the Yellow team which evoked mixed responses from the audience. Nonetheless all were entertained and look forward to the next fun filled Bloggers.

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Jimmy launched into Kung Fu mode


Jimmy and Ricky face off

Ade puts a point to Jimmy

Chizzy blags her way out of a sticky situation

Chizzy pushes her luck

ACLT director and co-founder Orin Lewis makes an empassioned appeal for blood and organ donors

Ade providing a rather eloquent rebuttal to the Green Team

Ade questions Jimmy’s motives while Chizzy looks on

Ade not convinced with Jimmy’s explanation and probes further

Ade tries desperately to get the truth from Tameka, Chizzy’s child

All hell breaks loose when Ben shows up as Tameka’s dad

Ben sets the record straight and shows Jimmy up as a lying scamp

Jimmy makes a last ditch attempt to prove his case but with no luck

Yellow team rejoices as they’re announced the winners of Bloggers



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