Staff Writer - Latoya Wakefield

Staff Writer – Latoya Wakefield

Social commentary. A new year is like a prolonged fresh breath of air…the zeal normally stays until mid January then back to old habits and comfortable ways and that’s when new year’s resolutions become nothing more than confetti.

While few moments come close to celebrating a new year, I think for 2015 we should try a new approach with our goals. Recently, I’ve been celebrating new days and settings daily goals to accomplish monthly objectives.

Before we continue with the every year game of setting resolutions to not follow through let’s take a step back and reflect…realistically what will you work to achieve this year? Be real with yourself; put friends and all you’re hoping to impress aside. Do it for you. Writing down your goal might help. Put it right in front of your bed so that you start off every morning with purpose. Today you’re going to treat your body right, smile, get to work on time because at the end of it all, it will benefit you.

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Clear the clutter from your life. Silence the noise, everything that you’ve allowed to hold you back yesterday should not be permitted to hold you back today. You run your life’s show, not your family or your friends or your spouse because if you’re not doing well, don’t you think it will negatively impact your relationships? Everything is relative.

Remember that change is constant so groom your attitude to be flexible. Excellence is not a one time act but habit.Throughout it all, don’t forget to enjoy the journey. Appreciate the moments that you spend with all those you meet and you’ll get to the destination before you know it. Happy 2015 one and all. Share some of your goals with Caribdirect, how are you working to achieve them?