Social commentary. Have you ever been curious about the thoughts of folks over fifty years of age? Well if you haven’t you should be because no matter what class, creed, religion, gender, age or race you are you’ll be fascinated at what over fifty year old folks think about!

CaribDirect is pleased to announce a new and energetic writer in the person of Aligzander who is a seasoned character with a wealth of life experiences. He has travelled the world, worked in many interesting places and loves the Caribbean dearly.

What would you be thinking of in your fifties...weight training? Photo courtesy

What would you be thinking of in your fifties…weight training? Photo courtesy

Who is ALigzander you ask? He’s a weekly columnist for the fiftysomethings! He has used a pseudonym so as to provide a better platform on which you can present your feedback.

Definitely, ALigzander has gained a wide range of experiences throughout life and is ready to share with the rest of the world. The similar personality type to ALigzander can be found in the church; a classroom; serving as a community activist; within the legal profession; as a mother or a father and the neighbour who is ever so helpful.

At school the similar personality type could have received awards for English Language. Considered as a visionary, ALigzander has written poems, plays and novels. Always busy writing, ALigzander will love to hear from you so that the delivery of such writing will be welcoming and the best!

So ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, the profile of the man who will astound you with his unique and in some cases outlandish thoughts that can only come from someone in their fifties…We hope you agree and enjoy. Coming next week…stay online with us!