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West Indies Cricket. West Indies opener Chris Gayle had a disappointing run for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League-7, scoring just 198 runs in nine innings. He appeared to be troubled by a back spasm and an injury to his right leg. Gayle will now be consulting doctors in Germany about his injuries.

He admitted that he was not completely fit at IPL 7 but added that with his T20 season over he is looking to regain his fitness for his 100th Test to be played back home in Jamaica in June.

“My 100th Test means a lot to me. I have been serving West Indies cricket for the last 13 years and going on to 14 years now, I am actually looking forward to this milestone. I have missed out on last couple of months because of injury.

I was supposed to get past this milestone a long time back but it didn’t happen. As a cricketer these things happen and you pick injuries at crucial times. I have still an injury now and I am trying to get it sorted as quickly as possible so I can be fully fit for the special occasion. It is going to be played at home so it is a big occasion for me and for the people back home too. I don’t have much time but hopefully it will work out and I will be back on the field quickly,” Gayle told the Indian media before leaving the country.

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However, he remained bothered about his injury. “It started at the end of the T20 World Cup. I thought initially it was a simple thing but I went back home for a couple of days. Then I travelled back to Dubai to play in the IPL and when I started training I found it difficult. I could not bat properly and bending was a problem and sprinting between the wickets was a greater problem. It was difficult but I tried my best,” he said.

However, the left-hander tried to stay away from any controversy regarding change in West Indies captaincy.

“The West Indies Board made the decision. Nothing lasts forever. I have been in that position as well. I have been the captain before. Maybe they are looking towards a younger guy leading towards the future as well. You have to give the younger guy some sort of exposure with experienced players,” he stated.