Staff writer - Nyasha Watson

I hope that after last week’s instruction that we can all prepare a meal even if it is only mackerel and rice. I know that most of us have become addicted to Kentucky Fry Chicken. Therefore, it will be quite difficult for us to break the habit, so we sometimes find ourselves in the restaurant without even consciously thinking about going there.

What about carrying the restaurant to our home? And I don’t mean buying the chicken at the restaurant and then consuming it in our home! I am talking about preparing our very own fry chicken.

It has often been said that the colonel has his own secret ingredient, likewise my grandmother. The only difference is that while you may not have access to the colonel’s own, I am sharing my grandmother’s own which is not so much a secret ingredient but a little known technique.

First, you have to defrost the chicken then cut it up in smaller sizes. Then when applying the ground seasoning you must either blend the onion, tomato, garlic, pimento and sweet pepper in the blender before evenly applying it onto the chicken; or you can also grater them if you like but this can be a bit time consuming and messy, that is why I prefer to use the technology.

Yummy Yum Yum

The ground seasoning is actually more important than the powder seasoning! Thus after you have applied the ground seasoning then you apply the salt, black pepper and the meat seasoning. Then after you have finished you use your hand to mix the whole thing together.

Then you put the lid on the container and put the seasoned chicken in the refrigerator for it to remain overnight. This is very important because this is where all the seasoning is going to be absorbed into the chicken and make it more flavourable; my grandmother’s technique!

Then, the following day when you are ready to fry the chicken, you have to remove it from the refrigerator at least half an hour before you are ready to fry them. And you must also make your flouring, which consist of flour, black pepper, salt and meat seasoning.

After the oil is extremely hot you then dip the chicken in the flouring making sure the entire meat is covered with flour then you proceed to put in the pot and let it stay there until it is golden brown.

And when it is finished you can consume it with bread or anything of your choice. There, you are taking the restaurant into your home. Everyone is getting anxious about the Christmas season, I will share some traditional Christmas meal ideas next week… until then eat what you cook.

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