Staff writer - Latoya Wakefield

She heard him from across the room at this popular hangout spot called Jerkies in Montego Bay. His voice put her in a trance….yes she’d heard beautiful voices, yes she’s seen superb singers, yes she had people blow her away with their talents but she never felt so much soul in one voice. It was the sweetest voice she ever heard…He sang like he was taking his last breath and it was the only thing left on his bucket list. She had never fallen in love like this…this voice had her caught up.

Somehow she was at the front and she saw the owner of this breath taking voice…He was exactly how she imagined him to be…the right height, the right look, the right lips…His voice matched his features. Then he opened his eyes after singing his last word and she was lost…His eyes were between light brown and dark brown, caramel if you please…the kind of eyes you want to stare in forever. He looked at her then and forced herself out of a daze  ‘Come on Alex’ she thought to herself ‘it’s not like you to behave this way around a man’ she felt nervous as he came in front of her. All she could do was look at him then. She pulled her eyes away and said a bit too chirpily ‘Good job!’

‘Thanks’ he replied as he passed her. She quickly walked over to her friends. She silently thanked God that they were distracted by that female wining vigorously on a chair until Mike whispered in her ear.

‘My, aren’t we smitten with Mr. handsome?’ he said.

‘Oh please. I just like his voice. You know how I love John Legend’s So High. He did a great rendition of it’ She retorted.

‘So when are you gonna let me take you high? You know I’ll take you higher than the clouds’ Mike asked.

‘Never!’ she snapped. My eyes seem to follow Mr. Unknown wherever he went. He was clearly popular, especially with the ladies. Maybe he’s a player, she thought…yet he sang like he really knew how to love a woman. It could be a façade. Great voices made the worse men seem perfect. They have girls crooning over them, they’re a lyricist. You hardly meet the real deal.

(Next week Chapter two…Mr. Unknown revealed)

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