Sylbourne Sydial

Director of the FFBJ, Sylbourne Sydial

Jamaica News. Facilitators for a Better Jamaica (FFBJ) UK, in association with other key community groups and leaders presents; Community in action against exorbitant plane fares to Jamaica.

Facilitators for a Better Jamaica is a Think Tank and lobbying group formed in 2003 that specialises in being an effective voice with a mandate to speak up for Jamaica and Jamaicans’ interest in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Following concerns raised by members of the Jamaican and Caribbean Community in the UK in respect of the high prices of plane fares to Jamaica and excess baggage cost in comparison to other countries, has spurred on the community to act.

The following searching questions have been asked:

“Are you concerned about the high cost of air travel to Jamaica? • Are you finding it difficult to pay these high fares to Jamaica? • Are you concerned about just having one piece of luggage while other countries have two? • Are you aware that BA has increased its extra baggage allowance from £35 to £55? • Is it time for our own Airline?”LOGO FFBJ GOOD Reduced

As a result the community has decided to organise strategically and collectively in addressing this issue.

Today, Saturday 28th September 2013, community in action against exorbitant plane fares to Jamaica will be hosting an “Under The Microscope Forum” which will be the initial consultation forum to formulate a collective, strategy and plan to reduce the plane fares and to increase our baggage allowance. Scheduled to be held at:  The Hive Room, Christ Church Centre, 197 Anerley Road, Crystal Palace, London SE20 8ER at 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

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