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Jamaica News. It is now no secret that Usain Bolt has a liking for several other sports apart from athletics.

The Jamaican had spoken about his love for cricket and also football. But now the world and Olympic champion is coming out to lend a helping hand to sportsmen in other fields also.

Bolt joined English Premier League side Manchester City star Sergio Aguero on the training ground to give him a unique lesson in speed recently.

According to media reports, Bolt had Aguero running all over the place with some terrible passing.

Gareth Bale. Photo courtesy

Gareth Bale. Photo courtesy

The Manchester City star also joked with Bolt by blasting the athlete by saying that he was not good enough to play for City. But the Argentine added that Bolt had a good chance of getting into the Jamaican’s favourite side Manchester United.

Bolt was impressed with Aguero’s fitness and admitted that Aguero had caused United a lot of problem over the years.

Cristiano Ronaldo and-Usain Bolt. Photo courtesy

Cristiano Ronaldo and-Usain Bolt. Photo courtesy

The Jamaican also expressed his desire to teach the latest sensation in world soccer — Garath Bale.

The Real Madrid new recruit is supposed to be the fastest footballer on the field now and Bolt is ready to help him improve on that.

“I am even ready to fly down to Madrid to have a session with Bale if the club wants,” Bolt is reported to have said.

The Jamaican, who had great respect for the Spanish side, had previously worked with another Real star Cristiano Ronaldo too. No doubt he is enjoying this different ball game now.