Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

Staff Writer – Kerran Monroe

He may have lost all his hair during his six month stint behind bars but, Dancehall artist Busy Signal certainly did not lose his ability to do music or his lyrical prowess.

Since his release from prison in the United States and his subsequent return to Jamaica, Busy Signal has been living up to his name and remaining busy in the studio.

Since his release Busy has been making up for lost time, releasing a number of new songs within weeks of his return to Jamaica.  Not to say that his musical presence was missed, as his album was released while he was behind bars, giving fans something to keep them happy until Busy’s release.

Now that he has been released and sent home Busy Signal is taking a swipe at some of the new artistes in the business and the songs they are releasing, implying that these new songs do not have any substance and are not good.Busy signal and model

Busy lamented his displeasure about these new sensational artistes in his new single, which was recorded since his release and return to Jamaica; titled “Everybody tun Artist”.

In the song Busy sings “from wa day di nuts man a artist, the jelly man a artist, di cane man a artist.”  Busy continues, “…certain songs have a one vibe but majority wah a run in nobody naa listen to”.

In the song Busy also spoke about payola as he deejays, “nuff real artist deh road and want a airplay put producer buy out di slot”.  That was not all as he also took a swipe at the disc jockeys, opining that they are playing crappy songs and bypassing the good ones.

Busy Signal mug shot. Photo courtesy

Busy Signal mug shot. Photo courtesy

In an interview with Anthony Miller after his release from prison, when asked about Tommy Lee, the new sensation in dancehall, Busy Signal said he did not know who Tommy Lee is.

However, this song begs the question if, Tommy Lee is also in the line of fire of this song from Busy Signal.

He did not call names, but since Tommy Lee’s songs are heavy in rotation one has to wonder if his songs are some of the crappy songs Busy Signal refers to in this song.