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Time – given by God to everyone equally around the world is a commodity that is spent so differently. We can choose to waste our time in frivolity or use it to benefit ourselves and others, the choice of how we manage our time is essentially up to us. 

As seasons change so must we, if we resist planning our time effectively to bring about the changes we want, our lives will remain stunted. According to ‘Management Study Guide’¹ “Effective Time Management boosts an individual’s morale and makes [them] confident’, I personally believe that to be true. Take the case of a new mum, many times until she’s able to get her baby into a routine she remains tired and disoriented with her new life change, (believe me I know having been the  mother to four under 10 year olds, which included twins), I had to learn to manage my time otherwise I would have turned into a zombie. Effective time management also gives us the ability to achieve new tasks, enjoy our lives more without feeling burnt out. It’s also learning to say no to things that you may be gifted for but you’re not passionate about doing. 

The intangible asset of time which cannot be touched by human hands is always and forever present, the bible says in Genesis chapter 22:8 “As long as the earth remains, there will be seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease”, and Ecclesiastes chapter 3 states “...that there is a time for everything. So how do we utilise this great resource called Time? 

First it takes recognition, are you able to recognise the season of life you’re in right now? You could be in winter where nothing is evident but a lot of preparation is going on behind the scenes, for example, you may be writing a book and you’re so excited but your other commitments keep getting in the way, be patient with yourself and continue writing. Maybe you’re in the springtime of your writing and you’re giving people titbits of your book but it’s not quite ready yet. You could well be in summer where your book is being seen by everybody and harvest time is here where people are buying your book, if that’s the case congratulations you’ve completed the cycle of change!

Seasons and time go hand in hand, I pray for God to show you what season and time that you’re in currently,  in order for you to get the best out of your life!


  1. How are you spending your day? For the next 7 days take an inventory of your life to include, work, leisure, prayer and self.
  2. Draw a circle and split into eight,write the different roles you have, i.e. employee/leisure etc and write how many hours you spend on average in each area.
  3. You should immediately see a picture of where your life is out of balance and change things that will benefit your whole being.

Until next time, remember you are beautiful and wonderfully made – With love Amanda x          

Amanda Alexander – Founder of Elect Lady Ministries, Female Dignity & Amanda Alexander Productions

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