Darby Etienne MA Diplomacy


I was born a little Jehovah’s Witness studying my bible daily from the 1960s till today.

At the time mostly all bad was predicted or prophesied in the bible but hardly ever experienced in life, so logically you grow up with the perception that all people had consciences.

As a Christian I was taught a number of principles which I will stick to for the rest of my life.

These principles are what have led me not to be confrontational or violent but choosing the route of diplomatic negotiation instead, because I cannot judge, however God does. This is what is seriously lacking today amongst young men that choose to resort quickly to coercive action which leads to countless loss of lives.

I am human, so like everybody else I get hurt but with the experience I am about to relate to you I cannot stop the tears.  However it was the great Italian historian, politician, diplomat, philosopher and writer Niccolo Machiavelli who once said ‘It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both’, wise words spoken that depict the chronic wrong doing of life as it is today, when friends, politicians and investors play a game characterised in Machiavelli’s book entitled “The Prince”.

He also spoke about the economy of violence, pointing to the efficacy of the “pure” use of power, undefiled by pride, ambition, or motives of petty revenge. In other words when you decide to move against the enemy go hard and go for annihilation.

Niccollo Machiavelli. Photo courtesy en.wikipedia.org

The four key persons involved in the lies, deception and greed are Mr Wayne with Machiavelli’s brains, The King Prince Richard and of course Lord Robert the supreme aristocrat.

Mr Wayne followed Machiavelli’s characteristic by using me his friend to accentuate the brutal force of deceit.

He was correct in assuming that the Government of the day would be even more confused by his conniving nature having them to separate public morality from private morality.

This resulted in them becoming unconcerned with reputation and integrity as they like to put it as they were willing to act immorally behind closed doors.

When I first met Mr Wayne in the United Kingdom he was a student in Finance around 2004 which was around the same time that British Investment team began exploring investment opportunities in St Lucia.   I was putting a three female singing group together his wife who is an excellent singer was part of that group.

He was young energetic and sort of reminded me of myself when I first arrived in England.  So naturally I drew to like him as a person, so when I moved homes and his house happened to be 5 minutes away from me we bonded even closer.

As a patriot I looked after this St Lucian young man like he was my son, cooking meals at my house and taking it to his house, sending letters to the bank back home supporting his loan application, paying off his telephone bill so that his wife could make calls with a new baby at home and even helping him with a deposit for a new home.  I ask the question how did that all change or did it.

As Machiavelli famously quoted, ‘Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions’.