Staff writer - Nyasha Watson

Gambling is becoming rampant and I am not just talking about the casinos or lottery. Everywhere you go we are seeing where gaining access to money by chance is the new attraction.  So the question is what would you do if you won a million?

I already know the usual; I will buy a car, I will buy a house, I will go back to school and so on. But what I am really concerned with is what you will do psychologically if you won a million dollars. Will you change? Will you find new friends; will you lose yourself in search of ‘fame’?

It has often been said that money that is gained by chance is different from money that one earns from employment over a period of time.  This is to say that one has a better understanding of the money that is earned while they do not understand the money that was won.

Therefore, it is easier to be changed by something that one does not understand. So, when we get that money we misuse and abuse it because it is a stranger to us. And eventually, it will become a stranger to us; that is, we will lose it.

I say this to say that money is not everything and if you should win the lottery; it may change your life but not necessarily for the better. And instead of living your life wondering how it would improve if you should suddenly ‘run into’ a lot of wealth; you should be living each day on its merit!

Also, when we gamble ninety five percent of us are losing and only the extremely lucky five percent actually wins. So, it does not make sense to dream the improbability when we can live the realistic.

If you should achieve the improbable and win at gambling, then you must be conscious of how you go about ‘allocating’ your new found wealth. And the best of luck to all of us who gamble!!