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West Indie’s Dwayne Bravo goes viral with ‘Champion’

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West Indie's Dwayne Bravo - Image courtesy jamaicaobserver.com

West Indie’s Dwayne Bravo – Image courtesy jamaicaobserver.com

After putting in a spectacular all-round performance (three wickets and 25 runs) in the World T20 final against England, 32-year old Dwayne Johnson Bravo is now hogging the headlines for another spectacular performance—a full-throated paean ‘DJ Bravo Champion’, that he recorded well before the Windies dispatched either England or India back to pavilion.

Global success within weeks, for two unrelated feats, spectacularly performed by one man—DJ Bravo does stump one for words, plus he can truly lay claim to being an-all-rounder.

The song ‘DJ Bravo Champion’ has already garnered 3,247,360 hits on YouTube, many thousands of those coming from devoted Indian fans who have long since forgiven him for being part of the team that beat India, or those fans who simply love the man, his lyrics and his music.

Not that he is a stranger to Indian fans; he has been part of both the Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. The song incidentally, has been recorded by an Indian company Vega Entertainment Inc., headquartered in Hyderabad. Those interested in his musical career will be happy to learn that he also sang a Tamil number in a 2014 film, Ula. That song has garnered 1,291,874 hits on YouTube (admittedly less than ‘Champion’), even though DJ Bravo appears in an Indian pink silk shirt, a lungi and a few kilos of gold jewellery—but look for him only after the three-minute mark.

What a sport he truly is.

This multi-talented multi-faceted star was born in Santa Cruz in Trinidad & Tobago on October 7, 1983, made his test debut at Lords in 2004, and since continued to hone his skills and performance as an aggressive batsman (right-handed), bowler (right-arm, medium and fast bowling), and wicket-keeper. His fielding skills are nothing to scoff at either.

He has had his share of losses, notably when he replaced Chris Gayle in 2007 as captain of the Windies team, after the former withdrew from captaincy following an injury. In an ensuing one-day international (ODI) in Durban the team under its new captain, lost. In 2008 DJ Bravo himself was injured and off the field for nearly an year, but came back strong.

And that’s the magic of the man, no wonder he has everybody not just singing to his tune, but dancing to it. Watch the video below

Source: The Statesman



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