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Abbenash Rajnarinesingh

Trini Carnival blogger Abbenash Rajnarinesingh.

Caribbean news. As the name suggests Friday 28th February was indeed a Fantastic Friday. The Digicel Groovy Soca monarch and the Play Whe International Power Soca Monarch went off without a hitch. With Soca ‘picong” between Kerwin Du Bois and Machel Montano, jeering from the crowd and themed performances, the event was successful.

It started around 8pm that Friday night and ended 4:30am the following morning. The crowd was impressed at times and disappointed at others. The only performances they were anticipating were from Machel Montano, Supa Blue, Mr. Killa and Kerwin Du Bois. So with motorcyles, beautiful and talented dancers, dynamic and creative entrances and weirdly themed performances the artiste that took home the prizes were Machel Montano and Kerwin Du Bois. Machel Montano, with his hit “Ministry of Road” took home two million and the crown for the Power Soca Category, while Kerwin Du Bois with his hit “To real” took home 1 million and the crown for the Groovy Soca Category.

The crowd favorite Mr Killa and his performance of “Rolly Polly” entertained all, and the Japanese sensation Ann G showed us that Japanese girls can “wine” and that Soca music has reached very far in the world.

Now that the WAR is over and the winners declared, all look forward to Carnival Monday and Tuesday. The traditional Jouvert on Monday morning, the breakfast on the Avenue, the parade of the small and medium bands and the uncles and aunties selling their unique products to the tourists.  On Tuesday is the full force, mega parade of all the bands, the display of new and traditional mass which ends around 11pm on that Tuesday. On Wednesday, its the cool down at the beach while everyone awaits to know who will be crowned the road march champion.

Japanese Ann G Photo courtesy articlewncom

Japanese Ann G. Photo courtesy article.wn.com

Therefore, my friends, if you are not here and enjoying the celebrations I feel sorry for you, but guess what, next year we will do it all over again. So start preparing, hit the gym, save that cash and next year I will see you and the happiness and joy on your face.

Mr Killa doing Rolly Polly



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