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TriForce launches Short Film Festival (TFSFF) in fine style

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Triforce directors Jimmy Akingbola and Fraser Ayres Photo courtesy stratford circuscom

Triforce directors Jimmy Akingbola and Fraser Ayres. Photo courtesy stratford-circus.com

December saw the launch of Triforce Limited’s Short Film Festival (TFSFF) at the plush Mayfair Hotel in London.

CaribDirect were invited to witness the first instalment of quality film productions made by enthusiastic, imaginative and talented filmmakers from various backgrounds.

The evening began with a well attended reception and networking session of a highly cosmopolitan and fashion conscious gathering of film lovers, entertainers, media reps and filmmakers.

Promptly at 8pm the screenings began with a line up of five Short Films (20 minute pieces) introduced by TriForce directors Jimmy Akingbola and Fraser Ayres. This segmet was swiftly followed by a string of three ‘Short Shorts’ (five minute productions). Both segments were judged and graded for awards.

Segment 1 The Short Films was won by Sami Abusamra who produced the funny ‘First Contact’.

First Contact

 Segment 2 was won by Caitlin Innes Edwards who produced the brilliant Granma’s Ring.

Caitlin Innes Edwards with TriForce member and actress Chizzy Akudolu

Caitlin Innes Edwards, left, holding award; with TriForce member and actress Chizzy Akudolu

Triforce Promotions was founded in 2005 by actors Jimmy Akingbola and Fraser Ayres. The company has gone from humble beginnings to becoming the leading Networking organisation of the entertainment industry based around a philosophy of inclusivity, NOT exclusivity.

They create opportunities for individuals and companies to develop and thrive within the industry, through our regular events: a regular networking night, Welcome: the actor’s platform; MonologueSlam and our actor’s Masterclasses with guest tutors.


 They are also well known for their other events be they social, corporate or theatrical, which have become renowned for their excellent atmosphere and for always being unique and striking.

Whether it be a sitcom reading attended by 500 people, our competitions with the BBC offering commissions to writers or their social events attended regularly by the top industry movers – they strive to produce an environment where everyone feels comfortable to mingle and speak with everyone else.


They also ensure talent can have direct contact with those in the industry in a position to move the individual and their project forward.

The TriForce Network now has over 16,000 members spanning all demographics and levels of the media business. Traversing race, class or position and providing a link to all in the network from the bottom to the top.

Actress Ellen Thomas and guest

Actress Ellen Thomas and guest

Their influencial contacts include Casting Directors such as Jeremy Zimmerman and Sarah Hughes; Actors like Sheridan Smith, Rafe Spall, Eamon Walker; Musicians Goldie, Ed Sheeran; Theatre practitioner Paulette Randall, Lorne Campbell, Phillip Hedley; Executive Producers Michael Jacob, Pete Thornton, (Comedy Central) Writers Noel Clarke, Brian Dooley…the list goes on.


 The mission of TriForce is to present quality films from within the TriForce network as well as support, recognise and honour filmmakers creating films under 20 minutes. They believe that short films are true works of art and deserve to be viewed at an established venue.

TFSFF was created to showcase TriForce as a talent in contemporary filmmaking and aims to exhibit the most captivating diverse and innovative short content. They provide a free platform for up and coming filmmakers to showcase their work on the big screen.

Actor Karl Collins

Actor Karl Collins

In future, TFSFF hopes to build a new audience for short films as well as cater for its current loyal network of over 17000 people. There will be a fixture of films shown representing the full range of the human experience as reflected by their filmmakers from all walks of life.

Glimpse is the first of many productions to come from the TriForce team in 2013…


  1. Glimpse by Fraser Ayres – 1st TriShort

A mysterious anomaly appears in the skies over London and two strangers from opposing backgrounds are brought together to discuss life, love and loss under the gaze of the unknown spectacle.

Sam is a modern day Buddha, Hak is a career minded, materialist and perhaps it’s the anomaly, perhaps it’s just the right time but an unlikely revelation dawns…an epiphany of something greater…a Glimpse.

Director: Mo Ali

Cast Paul Bradley, Jaz Deol

  1. The Meeting

Jack, a seasoned Police Inspector, is summoned to a meeting by his former subordinate and protégé, Michael. The two friends catch up but a battle of wits ensues, resulting in brutal and shocking consequences.

Director: David Bispham

Cast: Hugh Quarshie, Dan Richardson, Henry Everett, Damian Thomas

  1. The Referee

A football referee demoted to the lowest league on the remote island of Sardinia is about to find out what it takes to handle a real (local) match. In the hellish mayhem that ensues, the destinies of two thieves cross paths.

Director: Paolo Zucca

Cast: Luca Pusceddu, Gilberto Idonea, Maria Teresa, Matta Franco Fais

  1. The Decree

Nine year old Henry is scared of monsters lurking in the dark. The only thing that keeps them at bay is the decree from Henry’s father, a Royal Marine to be reckoned with. But when his father is killed, Henry must find the strength to cope with the loss – and to face the monsters alone.

Director: Mel Melcer

Cast: Lewis Coppen, Alicia Davies, Marshall Griffin

  1. First Contact

When humankind sends a message in to the farthest reaches of space it falls on a lowly alien courier to deliver the reply. Unfortunately the courier sent to make first contact with humanity pays less mind to the job in hand than he does to his nagging ex-wife and failed music career.

Director: Sami Abusamra

Cast: Dan Pott, Aidan Sansom, Cassie Atkinson

  1. Lost Words

Family issues have torn brothers Adam and Carlton apart causing them to lose any ties with each other. With no one else to turn to, Adam desperately seeks the help of his brother, pleading for a favour that can save his life.

Director: jabari A.K. Holder

Cast: Ty Bankinson, Jordan Pitt, Fany Peillon


The Short Shorts – Monologue Performances

  1. Grandma’s Ring

Cast: Caitlin Innes Edwards

Director: David Innes Edwards

  1. ID

Cast: Dan Gently

Director: Christopher Simpson

  1. The Plea – 1st TriShort Short

Cast: Jazz Deol

Director: Mo Ali

To keep abreast of TriForce’s goings on, or to see how they can help you contact via [email protected].



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