Bob Marley died 11th May 1981 of melanoma. Most certainly one of the greatest musicians to ever live, the most famous Reggae artist of all time and a shining beacon for what can be produced in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

Marley has sold over 75 million records, with his album Legend being certified 10x Platinum it is one of the most sold records of all time. Today we celebrate the life of Bob Marley and his enduring legacy. Here are seven little known facts about Bob you may not have known.

  1. Bob could read palms. This was discovered at four years old, by Bob’s mother Cedella from friends and relatives.
  2. Bob was a talented mathematician.
  3. His main pick-up line to ladies was “Yuh waan have mi baby?”
  4. His first name is Robert, but it was initially supposed to be Nesta. An Immigration official convinced his mother to change this as it sounded ‘too girly.’
  5. Bob lived in Delaware for seven months working a night shift at Chrysler.
  6. Bob drove a BMW Bavaria, not because he particularly liked the German cars, but because the letters matched that of Bob Marley & the Wailers.
  7. He passed away in Miami, Florida – though he had wanted to end his days in Jamaica.

Bob Marley’s legend and influence continues on 35 years after his untimely passing. Read the story of his encounter with Prince below