Staff writer – Kerran Monroe

Recently I was watching a video where Ninja Man was at Supreme Promotions, the promoters of Sting; and while he was there, of course being Ninja Man he had a lot to say.  He bragged about how much he did for Sting after he felt offended by a comment made a female on the outside.

 He was also reminiscing on his glory days at Sting with Super Cat, when someone in the room asked about Sting 2003 when the clash between him and Vybz Kartel got violent.  That Sting was apparently a sore point for Ninja Man and one he wishes not to remember.

When asked the question he got somewhat angry, saying, “…wen I say I forgive you, I forgive everything about you.  Try doh bring me back ina notn weh mek mi ave flashback fi kill ppl pikni.”

Infamous Ninja Man. Photo courtesy

He later went on to say that that is a negative side of music “….dat was of di past and let bygones be bygones.  Ask mi bout di good tings dem wah gwaan a Sting.”  He did not seem too happy about that person trying to give light about the negative things that take place at Sting.

Ninja also had some advice to give to newcomer, Tommy Lee.  He told him to inject more lyrics in his songs as the music is now short of lyrics.  He also reminded him of his responsibility to lead the younger generation in the right direction, lest they may become the generation of vipers.  On top of that, he had high praises for Tommy Lee, claiming to be the best friend of Tommy Lee’s father.

He concluded, showing that he still has what it takes to ‘dun people’ at Jamworld, showing off that lyrical prowess, he was urging Tommy Lee, earlier, to also show off.