Coming Soon…The Caribbean Show with Delia Dolor on the award-winning Colourful Radio. This weekly talk and music show brings listeners who are based mostly in the UK, with Caribbean roots or an interest in the Caribbean, up to date news, experiences and guests from all over the world. It connects listeners to people, stories and knowledge that they wouldn’t normally come across in their day-today lives.

Born in the UK to St Lucian parents, media personality Dolor calls the move from her previous Colourful Radio show, ‘The Dolor Factor’, “a natural progression”. The Caribbean Show includes: Caribbean Touchdown – which features a song by a Caribbean artist with a short bio. Caribbean Talks (a round up of Caribbean headlines) and much more! 

The Caribbean Show opens with an extract from the ever-popular and relatable Delia’s Diary, where host Delia shares what she’s been up to while reporting on news from around the world. A weekly guest shares their inspiring experiences with our audience – plus any Caribbean experiences they’ve had!

Recorded while travelling all over the world, The Caribbean Show broadcasts on London’s Colourful Radio on Thursdays @ 9am.

If you would like to participate in the show or provide titbits of Caribbean interest, email