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The Caribbean and You: Seminar Panelist – Dr Chris A. Johnson

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Dr Christopher A Johnson

CaribDirect.com is pleased to announce its second public seminar as part of its CaribDirect Seminar Series on the topic The Caribbean and You – Doing business with and in the Caribbean? 

One of the five eminent members of the panel is Dr Christopher A. Johnson an award-winning journalist, editor and publisher over the past 28 years.

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Dr Johnson is also an accomplished business management consultant.  A former Cambridge Press Fellow, the British-Guyana-born is a Management Science Fellow, holder of a Diploma in Journalism & Professional Writing, an MBA in Marketing Management and a Doctorate in Business Management, and Founder/Strategy Executive Director of Global Enterprise Development Services, a reputable consultancy firm specialising in technical assistance and enterprise support.

Dr. Johnson also a visiting lecturer and tutor in marketing, commercial English, enterprise education, media communications, politics, economics, cultural and social issues.

As Past-President of the Lions Club (London Hornsey), he is recipient of the Melvin Jones Fellowship, the award for contributing to international humanitarianism. He has produced numerous policy studies and is the author of the biography of the first Caribbean-born Mayor of a London Borough, Randolph Beresford, MBE, Journey Through Life (1995).

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Dr. Johnson’s most recent book was `British Caribbean Enterprises: A Century of Challenges and Successes’, a publication that won him the coveted 2009 Obama Shield. He also edited and published another ground-breaking book `Britain in Crisis’ by Dr. Gurbachan Singh (2010). Dr. Johnson’s motto is `Excellence is the Fulfilment of the Human Spirit’.

We look forward to Dr Johnson’s presentation and hope you find his rendering interesting and informative as he speaks on ‘The value of the Cultural Industries in the UK Caribbean Diaspora and the potential for knowledge transfer with the Caribbean’.

For details of this event taking place at the Jamaica High Commission on Thursday 30th May 2013, please click here The Caribbean and You seminar. Next weekend another seminar panelist will be revealed.



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