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Technology: Bridging the relationship gap

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Hooray for technology and great innovations that help to make life easier. The numerous applications for smart phones give web access on the go. There are numerous applications that aid, entertain and inform are too many to count. From GPS, Google maps, YouTube, webcasts to Skype mobile and oovoo. The benefits of technology is vast ranging from advanced medical procedures to keeping connected to loved ones when you are far away from home. For those brave or crazy enough to be in long distance relationships, technology helps to soothe the lonely days and nights spent from each other.

Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone. However, voice only communication cannot suffice for maintaining long distance contact as video and voice is even better! Not only can you hear your beloved’s voice but get a great visual as well. You can see your significant other’s face and be reminded of what the person not only sounds like but see their face as well. Non verbal communication can be just as fun as visuals allow you to flirt, shows your facial expressions and you can go beyond mere flirting (ooh la la in French accent) which is likely for the more adventurous types.

Virtual Dating

The plus is that you can do all this and for as long as you would like at a much lower price. This way you avoid the issue of running out of cell phone minutes or credit. I am certain some of you can identify with this especially for those who Digicel’s pre paid account holder. Trust me, the internet is a much better option as  nothing kills romance more quickly than having your mind preoccupied not with the whispers of sweet nothings in your ear but whether your minutes are all gone and the call being disconnected at any minute. Or always being on the receiving end of getting “please call me texts” and for those on post paid people you will avoid a large telephone bill at the end of the month. Programs such as Sykpe, Oovoo and instant messenger allow virtual communication for those lovers who are at a distance. It helps to bridge the gap when unable to get on that plane or drive to your significant other’s location.

Technology really helps to boost the relationship for those in love but is far away from the object of their affection. The reasons for distance are sometimes dictated by certain circumstances such as taking on a dream job or opportunity, furthering one’s education, relocation on the job and so on. It is no easy feat being in a long distance relationship and for those who make it work; my hat is off to you in salute, kudos to you!



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