Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

By now everybody must have either seen or heard of Vybz Kartel’s new reality show, Teacha’s Pet.

This show features Dancehall artist, Vybz Kartel and twenty females living in a mansion trying to win his heart. As expected, the show is drama filled.

The nature of the show is that of a, ‘Flava of Love’ or ‘For the Love of Ray J’.  The females on the show are of different personalities bring their own flavor to the show.

Here is a run down of the first two episodes.

Episode 1

The first episode heavily featured a contestant from Australia, who bares the name of her homeland.  This contestant seemed to have had a mental issue and had other contestants referring to her as ‘di mad gyal’.  She was running up and down on the property and screaming and arguing with everybody.

This behavior puzzled some of the contestants but for others, it just angered them.  Persons whom, this behaviour angered included the twins, and it seemed they were the most annoyed and angered as one of them threw some punches at Australia, in the face.

The twins certainly made their impact on the show, with their loud, ‘We ain’t scared a no one’ attitude.  By the end of the episode, everyone was talking about the twins, ‘di red head one and di curly hair one’, with the ‘red head one’ creating the most impact.  The ‘teacha’ himself said that the twins were intimidating a lot of the contestants.

Episode 2

Before the second episode was aired, the teacha was arrested and coincidentally, this episode was not aired on CVM TV.  However, there was an half hour special on the episode being aired on the show’s website, and persons, who paid for the episode also got to watch the full uncut episode on the website as well.

Episode two started with the drama.  It featured popular, former television personality, now, Fiwi Choice producer, Amelia ‘Milk’ Sewel, the substitute teacher, entering the Pet mansion, and waking and informing the girls of a meeting in the living room.

Some of the girls had a problem with the way Milk addressed them.  However, only two girls were brave enough to take it to Milk.  Who were those two girls you ask? You got it, the twins.  There was a brawl between Milk and the twins, however, Milk remained calm, while they argued and called her names.  The teacha was not amused at all, as he also made some remarks about the twins, in his private camera session.

The most drama filled part of episode two was the shooting of a music video, where the girls were featured, dancing.  The scene shot by the pool, had people’s eyes popping out of their heads when one of the twins, stripped down to her birthday suit, exposing her various piercings and gyrating on the top of her head.  That scene certainly had facebook and twitter going wild.  The teacha must have really enjoyed himself, while shooting that scene.

Episode two was aired on CVM TV the following week Friday at 10pm, minus the nude scenes of course.