Caribbean news. Brendan Biscette, a St. Lucian national who resides in Dominica, has been fined three thousand five hundred dollars 00.00 for battery on calypsonian Sherlyn Dangleben.

Biscette pleaded guilty to beating Dangleben, better known as ‘Sugar S’, when he appeared before Magistrate Bernard Pacquette on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

He was jointly charged with Irvin George who also pleaded guilty to throwing missiles and battery. Information revealed in court by police prosecutor inspector Valda Powell indicates that on May 17, 2014 at about 9:30PM, Sugar S was sitting in a vehicle on King George V Street opposite Gatchette Jewelry Store when Biscette approached her and told her to get her m*******a out of his f**** car.

Sugar S told Biscette that the vehicle does not belong to him, which led him to grab her by her hair and drag her out of the vehicle and unto the road. She then took her phone to call the police but Biscette grabbed it and threw it away so she took her friend’s phone and called her cousin Irvin George.

Sherlyn Dangleben .Photo courtesy

Sherlyn Dangleben .Photo courtesy

When George arrived on the scene, he approached Biscette and asked what the problem was. “I have nothing to tell you,” Biscette replied and ran away. George sent a full bottle of Guinness after him and then a stone. George also grabbed Biscette by the t-shirt.

The police arrived at that time and separated the two. Biscette reported that George had beaten him on his head, shoulder and foot. While George agreed to the information revealed by police prosecutor Powell, Biscette claimed that the chain of events was inaccurately reported.

Biscette claimed that he pulled Sugar S by her arm and not her hair. He also claimed that he was attacked and hit with the stone. Sugar S, however, told the court that she was out with Biscette’’s girlfriend and they were on their way home when they stopped at his restaurant.

“She went in to get two drinks for us but I wasn’t going inside because of the situation between her boyfriend and I”. “His girlfriend came back and said he is not going to give us a drink he then came outside, grab me by my braids and pull me through the window”.

“He then opened the door and dragged me onto the street. He then threw my phone which I used to call the police and I used his girlfriend phone to call my cousin”. “My cousin came and they ended up in an altercation. I took the opportunity to hit him two slaps,” Sugar S testified.

Magistrate Pacquette, in handing down his sentence, warned Biscette that he should not ill-treat women. “You do not beat on women because you are superior in strength to them. You have a temper problem that needs to be reined. Watch your temper,” Magistrate Pacquette warned.

Biscette was fined 2500 for battery on Sugar S. Of that $2500 fine, $1000 is to be paid forthwith and in default of payment he will spend one month in jail. The remainder $1500.00 should be paid in two months and in default of payment he spend two months in jail.

Biscette was further ordered to pay compensation of $1000.00 to Dangleben within two weeks or in default of payment spend 1 month in jail. Meanwhile, Magistrate Pacquette, who told George that he understood why he did what he did, advised him against taking the law into his own hands.

George charged $250 for throwing missiles which he must pay in one month in default of payment spend 1 week in jail. He was reprimanded on the battery charge. Article courtesy