Rihanna making ordinary extraordinary

Growing up in one of the most fashion conscious cities in the world – LONDON, my Caribbean heritage really influences my style choices from day to day.
When it comes to choosing an outfit in the morning, I naturally find myself having some sort of colour, whether it is my shoes, a belt or my jeans. Let’s face it; you think of the Caribbean: you think COLOUR.

As a fashion student myself I am constantly being pushed to make sure my personal touch is filtered through all my design work, to be able to make me different, to stand out from the crowd, from the numerous girls out there that are just like me.
The fashion industry today has finally begun to look at the Caribbean and the lifestyle of the people in a new light. From once being famous for their love of tacky printed shirts and badly designed florals, we were never taken seriously in terms of cutting edge fashion or even having a concept of style. But recently and dare I say thankfully, the influence of the Caribbean is now evident on the high fashion runways and magazines.

Mustard jeans

Through style icons such as Rihanna, frequently spotted rocking bold prints, quirky designs and a choice of some riskay fashion statements, she has become a fashion forward young woman’s inspiration (her stylist deserves a round of applause).

She is able to combine her Caribbean background with her adopted American image. The mixing of the two creates head-turning and sometimes jaw-dropping creations. A new age of West Indian style has been born and commercialised.

Crop top

I often find myself flicking through Vogue or browsing style.com, seeing pictures of Rihanna and thinking, yeah I would wear that. Quite obviously not being lucky enough to get designer clothes thrown at me for free; I search the net (ASOS.com is like my second home) and look for ways that I can get the look for less.

Want Rihanna’s look, but haven’t got an unlimited black card? Yazmin’s way:


Why not try this cute Angora cropped jumper by Boutique, for TopShop,

Glitter platforms

with a pair of mustard jeans from ASOS and finished with these gold glitter platforms courtesy of New Look (a bargain at £24.99 if you ask me). Dress this look down with a pair of studded slipper shoes when you just want to feel grounded!