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Review: Short Film Illegal Activity

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Illegal Activity; a short film from the UK’s own Sebastian Thiel of Upshot TV and the Kingdom Entertainment Group was released on Youtube on March 31st. To date the 14 minute motion picture has had over 30,000 views on the video sharing site and saw its popularity surge with almost 70,000 views from viral video sharing site World Star Hip Hop.

The film’s tagline: ‘Knowledge is Power’ alongside the gritty intro scenes and Hip-Hop instrumentals almost seem to be a paradox when taken on face value. Before any real dialogue has begun the first few scenes scream cliché – hoodies, council estates, urban lingo, and conversations and jokes that are probably made daily (I mean how many times does the ‘smart girl’ and ‘brain’ joke get used in film, music or general dialogue?)

The film’s legitimacy as a portrayal of ‘hood’ life is solidified scene after scene. Shot in a meandering, choppy and irregular fashion akin to Crash; with little continuality, a couple of minutes in I found myself wondering where the short film was going and not knowing how ‘short’ it was. ‘Knowledge is Power?’ I thought… Were we being given knowledge of what goes on in the ‘hood?’

The light-hearted and playful approach in which the UK’s inner city youth sub-culture was presented was entertaining, and as I watched at an exclusive screening alongside a room full of guests at the BAFTA headquarters, chuckles were frequent. Admittedly, though I’ve become especially weary of urban youth portrayals the fast-pace and familiarity of Illegal Activity maintained my interest. There was an air of expectancy that hung over the movie.

However it’s the films abrupt ending that’s the real talking point. I, personally was blind-sided by its conclusion, which, despite the tagline I never saw coming. A thought-provoking spoken word piece from Imhotep Oyortey layered over some memorable scenes from the film do prompt us to ponder: “What will it take to change our culture.” This line, as a part of the fundamental concept of the spoken word piece, really did make me think in the days after I saw Illegal Activity. I’m sure it will have the same affect on you, and that’s what makes it a great film. I tried to be as abstract as possible in addressing the ‘meat’ of the concept as to not give away the ending for anyone who hasn’t seen it, it really is worth seeing without any prior expectations! If you haven’t already check it out below.

Also be sure to checkout the Illegal Activity sound track available for free download from the It’s Upshot website.



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