Staff Writer - Latoya Wakefield

Staff Writer – Latoya Wakefield

The world was stunned (including Jamaicans) on July 22 when the underdogs, Reggae Boyz beat the mighty Americans 2-1 in the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

It was a historic win for the Reggae Boyz as this is their first time advancing to the Gold Cup Final. Reggae Boyz upset the natives to the point that they actually booed the Jamaican Footballers (Sore losers much?).

Many were shocked and even in denial that the Reggae Boyz won their semi-final against the “powerful” USA. Even Jamaicans weren’t confident that Reggae Boyz would make it this far. However, in the true spirit of Jamaica, they defied the odds.

Now an uproar that doesn’t seem like it’ll quell even after finals finish. More Jamaicans are rallying for the Reggae Boyz like they did in 1998 as there’s nothing like the taste of victory. July 26th will determine if Jamaica will take 1st place. In the meanwhile, Jamaicans are already celebrating and suggesting a national holiday in honour of the Reggae Boyz whether or not they win at finals.
Just in case you missed it, here’s a recap:

Kickoff: USA-Jamaica is underway at the Georgia Dome. Team USA is the heavy favorite.

Third minute, 0-0: The ball is rolling unevenly in some places, as the grass field inside the Georgia Dome has more than a few bumpy patches.

Eighth minute, 0-0: Team USA controlled the opening proceedings, but Jamaica has an early set piece in a dangerous position to the right of the U.S. penalty area. The free kick sequence ends with a foul on Guzan. The first Gold Cup semifinal still has yet to come to life.

Reggae Boyz. Photo courtesy

Reggae Boyz. Photo courtesy

18th minute, 0-0: The United States is hogging possession, but Jamaica’s deep-lying and well-organized defense is making it difficult for the hosts to break through. Bedoya and Zardes can open space by positioning themselves closer to the sidelines and attack the wings with pace.

29th minute, 0-0: Johnson curls a shot on goal, but Thompson dives to his left and makes a fine, diving save.

31st minute, 1-0 Jamaica: Mattocks heads Lawrence’s long throw-in past Guzan and into Team USA’s goal. The upset watch is on. 36th minute, 2-0 Jamaica Barnes fires a free kick over the wall, past Guzan and into the goal. Jamaica leads by two.

48th minute, 2-1 Jamaica: Bradley halves Jamaica’s lead and he’s celebrating wildly. Thompson spilled Dempsey’s shot in front of his goal. Bradley arrived first and slotted it in.

57th minute, 2-1 Jamaica: The second half continues at a frantic pace, as Team USA counters a Jamaica corner kick. The sequence ends when Bradley fires a shot off Thompson’s chest, which bounces off the post and away from danger.

70th minute, 2-1 Jamaica: The United States remains on the front foot, but Jamaica continues to repel each attack.

There was no coming back from there. Jamaica sealed the victory. Let’s see if they’ll do it again tomorrow.