Staff Writer - Kerran Monroe

I was returning home late one night from Portmore, St. Catherine and chartered a taxi to take me home, the driver stopped at the Portmore Mall, and told me he wanted to get one more passenger so he could pay the toll.  He then left the Mall without an extra passenger to pay the toll and asked me to lend him a hundred dollars (0) so he could pay the toll and when we got to a particular point he would get another passenger and repay me and I obliged.  When we got to where he said he would pick up another passenger, he did not stop, he continued on the journey to take me home.

When we got to my gate I asked for my money and he refused to give it to me so I sat there waiting for it.  He then drove off with me in his car.  At that point reality hit as how stupid I was.  Instead on just forgetting about a hundred dollars I am risking my life for it.  He drove with me all over St. Andrew, then he stopped somewhere that I did not and still do not know.  My hands were literally shaking as I was so scared.

I was wondering to myself, what was he going to do to me, was he going to rape me?  Kill me? What?  Despite being scared I tried to keep a tough exterior as I did not want to appear weak.  Then he asked me “one man eva rape yo yet?”  At that point it became harder to keep my poker face on and it seems he sensed that, as he then proceeded to come over the passenger side of the car and tried to egt on top of me and I managed to fight him off, but I did not get away scot free, as he bit me on my neck.

Rape - Don't risk it...

After he bit me and saw that it was bleeding, he then came off of me and told me that he was just teaching me a lesson, that I should not play with my life. He even told me how lucky I was that it was he who I encountered that night and not some rapist.  It was as if he wanted me to feel lucky that he was such a good man.

I know this may sound a bit sensational and hard to believe, but rest assured it is as real as planet earth.

Oh and if you were wondering, yea he took me back home.  But one thing is for sure, I will never take a risk like that again.