President Donald Ramotar has outline plans for a promising future for Guyana, as his address to the tenth parliament gives citizens a sense of confidence. This is the view of PPP/C Chief Whip Gail Teixeira, following the President’s official address to the house yesterday.

“The president talked about the LCDS, oil exploration and a range of other issues which I think would give young people a lot of hope and a lot of rethinking what they want to do in their lives particularly where these new opportunities and investments are taking place”

Like Teixeira, other parliamentarians have also expressed optimism that reaching compromises would benefit the entire house. The Chief Whip also noted that the PPP/C government compromised with the opposition in the past and will continue to do so in the interest of moving Guyana forward

“So we look forward to the 10th parliament and we look forward to testing the sincerity and the genuineness of these comments we make from the opposition side about cooperation and working together and so forth”

During his address, President Ramotar Expressed similar sentiments, noting that under the new dispensation in parliament, there must be Politcial cooperation in the best interest of Guyana. He added that the ninth parliament has evolved the country into a progressive one through the passage of several key pieces of legislation to better livelihoods.