Caribbean news. The husband of Valerie McBurnie-Taylor, who died on her way to the San Fernando General Hospital on Saturday, believes his wife could have been saved if an ambulance was dispatched to his aid.

Jason Taylor told the media at the Forensic Science Centre on Monday that he transported his wife in a wheel barrow from their home to get a car to take her to the Point Fortin Hospital in an attempt to save her and their unborn babies. However, his wife and her twin babies died during the transfer from the Point Fortin Hospital to the San Fernando General Hospital.Trini Mother

Mr. Taylor’s grief was compounded by his disappointment in the system that failed to deliver an ambulance to help his 7 months pregnant wife in her time of need.

He told C News he used the wheelbarrow to transport Valerie to get a car, so they could get to the Point Fortin Area Hospital.

“A wheel barrow. Check the thing. It’s a wheel barrow. I had to push my wife in a wheel barrow and that is not nice to know that a wheel barrow pushing a lady who pregnant with a twins. And when somebody call the ambulance for a twins, I think they should get response.”

No ambulance also meant there were no paramedics on hand to administer emergency care which forced the distraught husband to take matters into his own hands.

Looking back at last Saturday’s events, he sees the significance of working ambulances at any health institution.

“People could sick anywhere and once there is a hospital, there should be an ambulance because without the ambulance people cannot survive.”

The autopsy for Valerie Mc Burnie-Taylor was not done on Monday as expected.

Before the autopsy, the family was told that the medical notes from the San Fernando General Hospital Hospital were needed. They will return to the Forensic Science Centre later. Article courtesy